Nestled at a prime central location of NUS, the lush foliages and tree canopies within Raffles Hall creates a resort-living ambience admist unparalleled convenience.

Communal Hall

The communal hall is a large, open space used for pretty much anything and everything. Situated right at the entrance of Raffles Hall, the communal hall boasts a stage, projector and screen and is fully equipped with its own sound system. The large space before the stage is usually lined with dining tables during the semester. However, it also doubles as a space for performances, formal dinners, committee meetings, parties, and many other events.

It is most often filled with people during breakfast, dinner, and supper times on a daily basis. Residents have boisterous meals together, where they catch up with each other on the day’s goings on, and the sounds of clinking cutlery are often accompanied with peals of laughter and the undercurrent of conversation. There is never a dull moment in hall, even during meal times!


Upper Lounge

A large area linking the alumni lounge, conference room, media room, and library, the upper lounge is perfectly suited for interactions and meetings. The actual lounge is comfortably oufitted with articles of furniture, such as sofas and cushy chairs – perfect for taking a nap on. The lounge is fully air-conditioned during the examination period, providing residents' with conducive space for their academic pursuit.


Lower Lounge

An area slightly smaller than the upper lounge, the lower lounge houses the TV room, a meeting room, and the JCRC room. It also boasts 2 pool tables and a functional, if slightly out of tune, piano. Groups of people can be found there, either clustered around the pool tables, challenging each other to show off their skills, or holding meetings in one of the rooms. Music may waft from the lower lounge as the aspiring pianist, or choir, might practice there.


Hard Court

A large court that can cater to the needs of various sports – among them basketball, volleyball, netball, and street soccer – the hard court is the place to go for many of RH’s official outdoor events. Our annual Inter Block Games (IBG) are mostly held here, and one can find many passionate sportsmen (and women) from various sports training here, or simply playing for recreation, late into the night – even well past the time when the floodlights are switched off! It is also a common sight to find people playing street soccer here during the weekends.


Band Room

A cosy, sound-proof space, the band room is furnished with a full complement of music equipment. It is tucked snuggly into a small corner at the front of the communal hall. Complete with a live drumset, several guitars and bass guitars, a piano (the best one in RH thus far), two keyboards, amplifiers, several microphones and music stands, the room is ready to host just about any music practice! Most of the cultural groups practice and perfect their performances here.

Dance Studio

A large space lined completely with mirrors, the dance studio has a floor that is well-scuffed from the countless shoes of the countless hardworking dancers that use the space tirelessly. Here is where our passionate dancers lose all sense of time as they dance away their troubles and perfect many a stellar performance! One can often spy dancers practicing well into the night – on an almost daily basis – through the partially tinted windows that line one of the 4 walls.


Complete with equipment of all kinds, built for only one purpose – to build and tone those muscles – the RH gymnasium is a frequent haunt for those who seek to build the perfect body, or to maintain their physical prowess. One will find fit, even muscular, people here, sweating it out to the adrenaline-pumping tunes blaring from the speakers.


Each block is endowed with a kitchenette, all of which reside on the second floor of their respective blocks. The kitchenettes are small, cozy places equipped with a range of cooking apparatus – flameless electric stoves, microwave ovens, and toasters – for those among us with culinary inclinations. A common refrigerator can also be found there, for residents who do not own a mini-fridge of their own. Groups of people can often be found holding steamboats at the dining areas in the kitchenettes as well!