Nestled in a prime central location of NUS, the lush foliage and tree canopies within Raffles Hall create a resort-living ambience admist unparalleled convenience.

Communal Hall

Being the heart of Raffles Hall, the Communal Hall is where all residents come together for just about any events, from performances, meetings or even parties! With our newly renovated kitchen to prepare us scrumptious meals for breakfast and dinner, be sure to see the communal bustling with commotions as residents gather for meals. It would be common to hear strings of laughter and the clanking of utensils during mealtimes! The communal hall also includes a stage with bright lights and booming sound system for performances to have a rocking good time in Raffles Hall!


Upper Lounge

Situated a floor above the communal hall, our well-furnished Upper Lounge is the perfect space to hold meetings, conduct trainings and study with friends! It houses the spacious alumni room, our fully-air-conditioned library, a proper conference room, as well as our very own well-equipped media room. During the examination season, the Upper Lounge is transformed into a fully air-conditioned, conducive learning space for residents’ use.


Lower Lounge

Next to the Dance Studio, you’d find a cozy area known as the Lower Lounge that is just slightly smaller than the Upper Lounge but no less well-equipped! Boasting 2 pool tables, a large vending machine and a (slightly out-of-tune) piano, expect to see groups of Rafflesians jamming to songs and honing their pool skills here. You can also cheer your gym buddies on in the adjacent gym or simply have fun chilling with friends! The Lower Lounge also houses a sound-proof TV room, a meeting room and the JCRC room, so there’s no shortage of activities going on here!


Hard Court

Situated conveniently in the middle of Block 5, the Hard Court is the perfect place for Badminton, Sepak Takraw and even casual Frisbee throws! For the less sports inclined, there are also benches at the side to chill and spectate! No one is left out in raffles hall!


Band Room

If you love music, you’re at the right place! Tucked in a cosy corner at the front of the communal hall, the sound proof band room allows Rafflesians to jam to their hearts content. It is well-equipped with state-of-the-art amplifiers, drum sets, microphones, keyboards, guitars (electric and acoustic), music stands and percussion instruments. It also hosts numerous practice sessions for cultural group ccas.

Dance Studio

A large space lined completely with mirrors, the dance studio has a floor that is well-scuffed from the countless shoes of the countless hardworking dancers that use the space tirelessly. Here is where our passionate dancers lose all sense of time as they dance away their troubles and perfect many a stellar performance! One can often spy dancers practicing well into the night – on an almost daily basis – through the partially tinted windows that line one of the 4 walls.


Near communal hall we have the gym, where rafflesians spend their time working out to keep their health in check!

The gym comes with 2 functional racks that gym goers can use for their bench presses or squats. What if both racks are being used? Fret not, there are other equipments lying around as well to give you a good workout: - Barbells for you to do your deadlifts - Pec Fly machine and Leg press for your to get a pump in your chest and/or legs without needing the racks! Also a good starting point for those who are less confident in using the racks. - Pull up bar and Dip bar for calisthenics enthusiasts! Or any other gym goers who just want to do something - Smiths machine for an assisted bench or squat, good for beginners!

Of course there are other machines/equipments lying around that are not covered but these are the most used among rafflesians! The gymnasium will be sure to guarantee you a good workout to keep on track of your body goals and be a place for you to clear your mind.


The kitchenettes/pantries in each block are equipped with a variety of cooking amenities like: induction stoves, microwave ovens, toasters and even airfryers! Each kitchenette/pantry also has a fridge to keep your food (but be sure to label them!) and water dispensers. If you are feeling peckish during a late night study session, feel free to use the amenities provided to whip yourself a quick snack!