Cultural Groups


RH Dance

Raffles Hall Dance is a common ground where various types and levels of dancers come together to learn and grow in dance. It is a community of safe space which allows dancers to exchange knowledge on dance, explore different genres, and even push each other to do their best. Such arise through the ample opportunities to perform, and even choreograph - from holding your very own open class, to putting up an item for a hall event, to choreographing for a big stage.

Even as we strive to improve and constantly refine Raffles Hall Dance, some things do not change. Raffles Hall Dance is definitely a place where you can find passionate dancers; we take pride in fostering a good relationships with our alumni dancers in which RH Dance is always a place they find themselves coming back to – be it to give back or to reminisce the good ol’ times.

Instagram: rhdvnce 
Youtube: rhdvnce

RHebels 22/23


RHebels is an all-instrumental group where western instruments are fused together with oriental instruments to create an ensemble that provides a unique blend of East and West. The group plays a variety of pieces, especially movie and video game soundtracks. One of its unique points is that many of the pieces performed by them are original arrangements by their very own RHebels, tailored towards the one-of-a-kind blend of instruments that only RHebels can provide.

RHebels also forms the backbone of the hall's famous annual musical production as they compose, arrange and perform original soundtracks (After all, what is a musical production without music!). The group also helps to organise and perform in the annual Combined Halls Ensemble Concert (CHEC), which features the talented musicians from all the Halls of NUS.

RHockerfellas 22/23


RHockerfellas is the resident rock band of Raffles Hall. We bring you the hits from rock to pop and everything in between! Fun fact: We have practices at all timings of the day (including 7am). That’s what it takes to maintain the high standards of musicianship for our various performances, which range from internal university events to external public performances. We strive to share our love for music with all audiences, young and old. 

p.s. just kidding about the 7am practices

- Vibe Music Festival @ Owl Bar (First Place)
- Interhall Rockfest 2018 (Champion) 
- Interhall Rockfest 2017 (Champion)

Past Performance Venues:
- Prince of Wales (Little India)
- Hard Rock Cafe (Orchard)
- Timbre+ (One North)
- TimbreX @ The Substation


RH Unplugged

Raffles Hall Unplugged is a group of vibrant and talented individuals with a passion for music and performing. Performing acoustic renditions from Pop to Jazz, Oldies to even Indie music, Unplugged prides itself in delivering great vibes on stage. The camaraderie and commitment put in by Unplugged members has shown through the quality performances for Raffles Hall residents as well as members of the public. 

Our secret to consistently putting up a good show? To leave an unforgettable impression on people through our gift of music and the smiles from our audience, gig after gig. 

With our pool of talented musicians, it is no doubt that Raffles Hall Unplugged would enrich any event.

Instagram: rh.unplugged 

Unplugged Website 

Past performance venues:
- Lady Wu Rooftop Bar
- TimbreX
- Timbre @ The Substation


RH Voices

RH Voices, Raffles Hall's very own choir group, welcomes all individuals regardless of musical background, to share in the joy of choral singing. Always striving for excellence, Voices also aims to foster an environment where friendships are forged and passions uncovered.

RH Voices takes pride in its leagues of committed alumni who return frequently to support and sing with the choir. Whether they're freshmen, seniors, or alumni, one common thread that joins all Voices members is their love for singing. Keeping this passion as their focus, Voices continues to improve and evolve, singing what they love and loving what they sing.



As the resident acapella group of Raffles Hall, RHythm prides ourselves on the harmonies and blend our voices make when we sing together. Ever since we started, we strive to put our very best into each of our performances and hope to make a lasting impression everytime we get on stage. We embrace the individual uniqueness of our members and perform songs which play to their strengths. Rhythm has since engaged in singing songs from many different genres, from jazz hits to well known musical hits, to modern trendy pop songs. Some of our members have even taken up to creating their own special arrangements of different songs which we often perform. 

In essence, RHythm is a platform where singers who enjoy good music come together to recreate the wonders of songs purely through our voices. We want to continue upholding our high standards and professionalism through our performances and hope to one day make a name for ourselves in the local acapella scene!



Raffles Hall Musical Production is a large-scale production involving multiple teams collaborating to deliver a musical performance completely produced by Raffles Hall residents.