1st Student Life Awards


Award Recipients

Leadership Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
Bryan Choo Zhenwen Project Director Legal and Awareness Project (LEAP)
Under his leadership, Bryan supervised 17 legal awareness workshops for 6 beneficiary organisations, expanded the outreach to youths-at-risk and secured funding for the project.
Vanchinathan Venkataramani President
NUS Graduate Students’ Society
Vanchinathan is a highly driven leader who had taken up multiple leadership roles before his appointment as the President of the NUS Graduate Students’ Society in 2017. He made critical changes to the structure of his committee and established collaborative relationships with more than 20 offices.
Lim Jun Heng President
NUS Student Law Club
Jun Heng made significant improvements  to the school infrastructure   by   proposing   the   construction   of   a sheltered  walkway  from  Botanic  Gardens  MRT  to  Bukit Timah  Campus.  He  also  initiated  the  Special  Interest Group  Sign-Up  form  to  facilitate  the  development  of  a sub-club in NUS Law.
Merit Award Recipients
Amos Lim Boon Hao Organizing Chairman
Inter-Hall Games 2017/2018
Vice President Eusoff Hall
In his leadership role as the organising chairman for the IHG he led his team in organising a successful game and concurrently as the Vice President for Eusoff hall, he spearheaded the Eusoff Fiesta and Eusoff Flea market which raised funds for the Eusoff Hall Bursary.
Lim Hui Qi Project Director
CAC+US 2018 - Reminiscence
Wearing multiple hats, Hui Qi was able to juggle between all her commitments in various CAC sub clubs whilst providing clear direction for the organising committee of CAC+US.
She collaborated with 11 music and dance groups and ensured that information flow between groups were well facilitated.
Zhou Wentao President
National University of Singapore of Chinese Society
Wentao started a Chinese Culture Hotchpotch workshop which was angled to engage the non-Chinese community on campus and rebranded the Chinese Society with a new Visual Identity design. Under his leadership, the Chinese Society has initiated many cross- cultural events and workshops attracting people of all races and religion of which some were even featured in the news.
Eng Kok Wee Vice President
NUS Nursing Club (Medical Sub-Club)
Kok Wee represented NUS Nursing Sub-Club in the Inter-Professional Education Student Committee and also led the planning of the inaugural student-led inter-professional conference, Beyond Books, which was well-received by 300 participants.
Wang Kai Richard Head of Marketing and Publicity
NUS Students’ Art and Social Sciences Club
Richard was heavily involved in many projects at FASS including the FOP, Arts O Week and coordinating FASS Open House. His exemplary leadership saw him being appointed as one of the 4 Student Advisors on the inaugural Panel of Student Advisors of the FASS Dean’s Office.
Nur Darlene Binte Nasril President
Persatuan Bahasa Melayu Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura (Malay Language Society, National University of Singapore)
As the President of NUS Malay Language Society, Darlene established collaboration with several organisations including the Ministry of Health. Under her leadership, the society’s Paradigma project committee had the honour of working with MP, Mr Amrin Amin, for a drug-prevention campaign. She also initiated the formation of an advisory committee to provide guidance for future successors.
Daniel Tung Yi Nin Captain
NUS Swim Team
Daniel is a respected captain on the swim team. When the team coach left, Daniel stepped up and assumed the role of a coach and whilst retaining his captain role. He encourages his members to give back regularly to the community by volunteering weekly with Special Olympic athletes. Under his leadership, the team won overall Champions in the last Singapore University Games and Institute-Varsity Polytechnic Games.

NUS President Sports Individual Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
Kenneth Lim Duan Le NUS Swimming Team (Men)
He’s been sportsman of the year for two consecutive years of 2016 and 2017, the ex-captain of the nus swim team and an exemplar of an athlete who is highly regarded amongst his peers. He holds the record for the 4x50m Medley in AY15/16 and for both 50m and 100m Breaststroke categories in AY 16/17. Out of the pool, he volunteers actively at HCA Hospice Care Centre.

NUS President Sports Team Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
NUS Dragon Boat Team (Women) -
The NUS Dragon Boat Women’s Team displayed remarkable fighting spirit when they became champions for both the Prime Minister Cup and 200m, 500m and 2km categories in the 2018 World University Dragon Boat Invitational Competition.  Aside from their excellence in sports, the athletes had also engaged patients at Yishun Community Hospital.
Merit Award Recipients
NUS Aquathlon Team (Women) -
The NUS Aquathlon Team have always striven to produce excellence in their races. Out of many awards, they clinched the gold award for three consecutive years since AY15/16 in the annual SUniG games. They have also been actively volunteering at Kwong Wai Shui Hospital.

Athlete of the Year Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
Rowena Lim Si En NUS Dragon Boat Team (Women)
Rowena excelled greatly as a reliable and conscientious team manager. She had only started rowing in 2016 but her hard work led to her win in the SAVA Sprints International XII in 2017. In 2018, she came in first in both the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival and World University Dragon Boat Invitational Race in the Woman 200m, 500m and 2km category.
Jasmine Goh Li Ting NUS Handball Team (Women)
Jasmine has been the captain of NUS Handball Women’s Team since 2015. She was also the most valuable player for two years consecutively in the women’s category at Singapore National Handball League and had represented at various international competitions. In 2018, Jasmine participated in the HK Inter-Port sports competition and Singapore Uni Games where her team has clinched Bronze and Champions respectively.
Merit Award Recipients
Chiew Wenqi NUS Taekwondo Team (Mixed)
Wenqi is a former National Taekwondo Player and a representative of NUS Taekwondo Team. She clinched 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the recent NTU Taekwondo Open Championship, where she was also awarded the Best Female Poomsae Player. Wenqi is also heavily involved in sports related research work and actively volunteers for public health screenings and medical mission trips.
Nur Marina Chan Shi Min Alif Abdullah NUS Swimming Team (Women)
Marina had represented the nation in the 2015 South East Asian Games, where she obtained gold in the 4 x 100m Relay, and and also represented the nation the 2018 Asian Games. She is a Gold medallist and Record holder for 4 events in SUniG 2017 and 5 events in IVP 2018. She is also an active volunteer of the swimming team in the 2016 Special Olympics.
Teo Kee Chong NUS Handball Team (Men)
As part of the National Men’s Handball Team, Kee Chong represented Singapore at various international competitions and took up the role of a vice captain since 2017. Of his many achievements, notably he obtained Gold for SUNniG in 2017 and 2018. He had also participated in outreach programmes hosted by Handball Federation Singapore.

Sports Team of the Year (Team Sports) Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
NUS Netball Team - The NUS Women’s Netball Team have demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship through their athletic excellences. They clinched the Champions title in both SUniG and IVP in 2017 and had also contributed to community building efforts on campus such as by providing referee support in IFG and SunNUS games.
Merit Award Recipients
NUS Canoe Polo Team (Women) -
The team obtained Gold in Canoe Polo National Championships 2017 and Plate Champion in 2018. The team had also volunteered in organising the 20th National Canoe Polo Championship this year and offered help in coaching younger athletes.
NUS Handball Team (Men) -
Aside from their athletic achievements where they attained gold in both the Singapore University Games and Tertiary Handball Invitational in 2017, members of the NUS Men’s Handball team are also regular volunteers with Glyph Asia where they hold monthly handball sessions with young kids and youths.
NUS Handball Team (Women) -
For two consecutive years, the NUS Women’s Handball team had taken home the SUniG Gold medal. They also participated in Tertiary Handball Invitational hosted by Handball Federation Singapore in 2018 and obtained silver. The team members have also worked with Glyph Asia, Chen Su Lan Children’s Home and various Campus organisations for several community engagement programmes.

Sports Team of the Year (Individual Sports) Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
NUS Archery Team (Mixed) -
As part of the NUS Archery Team, NUS archers often show initiative, generosity and sportsmanship. The team secured overall champion in both NUS Indoor Archery Championships and NTU Institutional Archery Championships. The team had also set up an archery tag game booth during Mosaic Fiesta 2018 and organised an Archery Beginners Course for members of NUS.
Merit Award Recipients
NUS Swimming Team (Women) - The NUS Women’s Swimming Team has always been pushing their limits and are fearless of challenges. They won 15 gold medals in the IVP Games and have a set total of 8 SUniG Meet Records and 12 IVP Meet Records. In addition, team members of the swimming team are regular volunteers with Special Olympics Singapore where they hold weekly swimming classes.
NUS Table Tennis Team (Women) -
The camaraderie in NUS Women’s Table Tennis Team is very strong. With hard work and tenacity, they obtained champions and 1st runner-up positions respectively in the SUniG and IVP games of the 17/18 Academic year. The team also took part in the “Chong Pang Day 2018” where they set up a booth for the participants of all ages to play table tennis.

Sports Team of the Year (Events) Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
NUS Swimming Team
(Women - 4x50m Freestyle & Medley Relays)
With a strong team spirit, the NUS Women’s Swim Team attained impressive results. They clinched Gold for 4x50m Medley and Freestyle Relay in both the Singapore University Games and IVP Competition in 2017 and set new meet records in both events. The athletes are also regular volunteers with Special Olympics Singapore.
Merit Award Recipients
NUS Shooting Team (Women Rifle - Triples) -
The Air Rifle Women’s team swept both champion titles in the NUS and NTU invitational shoot competition.
Apart from their commitment towards the sport, the members also organised the Charity Air Rifle Fun Shoot to raise awareness and donations for the Children Cancer Fund.

Community Service Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
Operation Orion 2017 NUS Civil Engineering (Engineering Sub-Club)
Operation Orion aims to improve the standard of living of the villagers in Thailand through the implementation of new infrastructures such as a water filtration system which supplies clean drinking water to 300 villagers. Locally, they also worked closely with PAYM to organise a field trip to the Science Centre for underprivileged children.
Project Sa'Bai National University of Singapore Medical Society
Project Sa’Bai held free medical screenings and consultation at schools and villages in Cambodia. They set up a total of 6 clinics and have screened 3,295 patients to date. With the help of local healthcare students and workers, volunteers have also began monitoring the patients’ chronic conditions.
Volunteering Engagements with AWWA LTD Kent Ridge Hall - Kent Ridge Volunteers
Since 2017, volunteers from Kent Ridge Hall has been working with AWWA Ltd where they spearheaded multiple projects and regular volunteering events. The Weekly Respite Programme is one that engages children with special needs and disabilities, and the Weekly Spring Cleaning where students provide cleaning services for elderly living alone.
Public Health Service 2017 -
The Public Health Service is a preventive health project which aims to spread awareness about healthy living. This year, the annual large-scale health screening event was held in Jurong East where a web-based E-application was set up to enhance the efficiency and new screening modalities were included. They were also featured in “The Big Questions” on Channel News Asia in March 2018.
Project C.A.N. XV NUS Students' Community Service Club
Project C.A.N. XV aims to provide dried food rations and household amenities to the low-income families residing in MacPherson. Food and supermarket vouchers obtained from donors and through fund-raising events are sorted and packed according to the beneficiaries’ food preferences.
Merit Award Recipients
Students 4 Migrants NUS Pro Bono Group (Law Sub- Club)
Students 4 Migrants aims to aid migrant workers in Singapore. Volunteers collaborated with various organisations to provide information and educate migrants with regards to their legal rights such as contractual, salary and even criminal issues.
Grant A Wish XV NUS Students' Community Service Club
In Grant A Wish XV, volunteers had fulfilled 165 material wishes of beneficiaries from the Disabled People’s Association, Lighthouse School, Mountbatten Vocational School and AWWA. This year, they have also initiated the Monthly Visit programme to enhance the engagement with their beneficiaries.
Project Embrace The Rotaract Club of the National University of Singapore
Project Embrace is a weekly engagement project dedicated to encouraging positive social and emotional development of youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Volunteers work closely with a group of 20 youths and the ASD parent support group where they conduct classroom workshops and monthly outings to facilitate interactions and enhance the youths’ exposure to new interests.
Paint A Home XIX NUS Students' Community Service Club
Through Paint A Home, the living conditions of beneficiaries are greatly improved through the provision of a fresh coat of paint and cleaning services for their homes. This year, a block event was also conducted at the Senior Activity Centres to increase interactions with the beneficiaries. Volunteers even brushed up on their dialect speaking skills to facilitate the engagement.
Project EX-Rated -
Project Ex-Rated is a new project that allows youth-at-risks to share and showcase their talents and stories.
Confidence and morale of the youths were boosted, and public awareness is raised. Members aim to continue with greater expansion to the local community to have a larger impact on the society.
Project OceaNUS’ 18 NUS Environmental Science and Engineering Students (Engineering Sub-Club)
This year, Project OceaNUS’18 provided WateROAM filters to facilitate accessibility to clean water in Chhnok Tru village in Cambodia. They also kickstarted a small-scaled micro-entrepreneurship to sell cheap, potable water to the villagers. Workshops were also conducted to spread the awareness of proper water, sanitation and hygiene habits to the local students.
Project Sa’Bai Vision National University of Singapore Medical Society
Project Sa’Bai Vision aims to lower the prevalence of preventable blindness in the local community through providing free screenings, treatment and education. They have established partnerships with Cambodian non-profit NGOs and extended their outreach to children at Teuk Thla School. They hope that by benefitting the children, a ripple effect could be achieved.
Eusoff Voluntary Corps (EVC) MINDS Eusoff Hall - Eusoff Voluntary Corps (EVC) MINDS
EVC MINDS actively engages beneficiaries from MINDS Singapore where weekly activities such as water physiotherapy, computer sessions and morning exercises are organised by the volunteers. They have also organised a Grant-A-Wish event and started an Instagram challenge to promote World Down Syndrome day on 21st March 2018.
Project Kaleidoscope Eusoff Hall
Volunteers from Project Kaleidoscope spearheaded sanitation and infrastructural projects in Toek Tla Village in Cambodia. They have raised a total of $16,000 to fund the development efforts of Love Cambodia in Prey Veng. They also organized first-aid lessons and interaction sessions with the local primary school students and implemented a photo-diary initiative to deepen their understanding of the local community.
Project Angel XXI: Stringing Lives, Shaping Hope NUS Students' Science Club
This year, Project Angel focused on a water project launched in a rural school of Chiang Mai, aiming to ease the accessibility to potable water in the region. Volunteers were involved in the construction of a water filtration system in the area and hosted education sessions to share knowledge about water resources.

Community Engagement Award
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
CAC+US 2018 -
NUS Students' Cultural Activities Club
CAC+US (cactus) is Cultural Activity Club’s largest annual Music and Dance concert put together by 4 music groups and 7 dance groups from NUS. This year, it was held at the Kallang Theatre for the first time, attracting about 1,800 spectators, with 3 beneficiary organisation included.
Inter-Faculty Games 2017 NUS Students’ Sports Club
By organising it on weekdays instead of weekends, spectatorship of IFG 2018 jumped from about 20 per game to a high of 200pax. The collaboration between NUS faculties, offices and varsity teams have brought the NUS Community closer during this sports event.
Japanese Cultural Festival/ Night National University of Singapore Japanese Studies Society
JCFN2018 had attracted almost 3,000 attendees during its 2 days event in U-Town. It consisted of a festival in the day and concert at night where various aspects of Japanese culture were displayed. NUS Performing Groups like Nihon Buyo and Odoro, and external groups like Yosakoi and Musubi were specially invited to perform for the night concert.
NUSSU Rag and Flag NUSSU

NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club
NUS Students’ Business Club
NUS Students’ Computing Club
NUS Students’ Design and Environment Club
NUS Students’ Engineering Club
NUS Students’ Law Club NUS Students’ Medical Club NUS Students’ Science Club NUS Students’ Dental Club

National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society

Eusoff Hall Kent Ridge Hall

King Edward VII Hall Raffles Hall

Sheares Hall Temasek Hall

Prince George’s Park House Tembusu College

College of Alice & Peter Tan

Residential College 4

Ridge View Residential College
NUSSU Rag and Flag is an annual charity project dedicated as part of NUS Freshmen Orientation Programme. Last year, Rag day was held on the 11th of August where 22 student organisations came together to put up spectacular performances. A record high of more than $581,000 had been raised through the event, which will go towards 21 charity programmes supported by the community chest.
Merit Award Recipients
Raffles Hall Musical Production 2018 Raffles Hall - Raffles Hall Musical Production Committee
RH Musical Production 2018, Someday, is a original performance staged by a team of 250 students to mark the end of the RH orientation programme. This year, the students performed at the National Library Drama Center for the first time and had two shows instead of the usual single show. It garnered 814 audiences in total.
Vocal Obsession VIII: Showtime NUS CAC Resonance
Vocal obsession is an annual a-cappella concert put together by NUS CAC Resonance to expose the school’s community to different genres of a-cappella music. They have also invited members of Viva LatiNUS and Jazztitude as guest performers this year to dance with their musical performance for 674 audiences.
Temasek Hall Theatre Production 2018 Temasek Hall - Temasek Hall Theatrette
This year, the theme of Temasek Hall Theatre production is “Reminiscence”, where performers expressed their feelings towards technological advancements through a theatrical act. The storyline was adapted from a Chinese film ‘Battle of Memories’, where the students modified it into a play for the performance; and gathered about 350 audiences.
Eusoff Hall Dance Production Eusoff Hall - Eusoff Hall Dance Production
Eusoff Hall Dance Production is an annual student-initiated dance and drama production which provides a platform for holistic youth development. In conjunction with Eusoff Hall’s 60th anniversary, the production was larger in scale and was held at Mediacorp Theatre and garnered about 1,000 audiences.
Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land King Edward VII Hall - King Edward VII Hall Chinese Drama
This year, King Edward VII Hall Chinese Drama Production showcased a classic Chinese play called Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land. It is held outside of NUS for the first time, at the NLB Drama Centre Theatre. Out of 781 tickets sold, a portion was offered to beneficiaries from the South East Community Development Council.
Science Sports Games NUS Students' Science Club
Science Sports Games is a 1-day event consisting of competitive and non-competitive sports. By introducing 6 more sports on top of the previous 8, the participation rate increased by more than twice this year. They have also extended the invitation to alumni from Science, bringing the faculty together.
20th XQRJ - The Dream Composition King Edward VII Hall
The Dream Composition is an English and Chinese song writing competition aim to promote appreciation and ignite interests in music production. This year, a total of 400 participants contested in the competition. 
Professional judges were engaged from Ocean Butterflies and Touch Music to provide constructive feedback to the contestants. Students also organised a performance at Ren Ci hospital for the finalists to perform for the elderly.

Competition (Non-Sports)
Name Team / Organization Citation
Distinction Award Recipients
2017 ACM-ICPC Asia
Manila Regional Contest
School of Computing
The ACM-ICPC Asia Manila Regional is an Algorithmic Programming Contest where teams are presented with several programming tasks that mimic real-world problems and teams have to programme solutions within 5hrs. Out of 35 teams, our team of NUS students, came in first.
Llangollen International Musical Eisteddford 2018 The NUSChoir
The NUSChoir competed in the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddford 2018 with ‘When David Heard’, ‘Mambo’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty Medley’. Out of 77 competing groups from around the world, they emerged as the "Choir of the World".
International Trademark Association (INTA) Asia-Pacific (APAC) Moot Court Competition Faculty of Law
This year, the International Trademark Association (INTA) hosted its inaugural Asia-Pacific (APAC) Moot Court Competition in Singapore where teams from 8 countries compete intensively over 2 days. Out of 23 teams, a group of students from NUS Law won ‘Best Team’ for the competition and clinched 2nd in ‘Oral Arguments’.
IASLA Space Law Moot Court Competition
Faculty of Law
Students from NUS Law were crowned as Champions in this Competition amid fierce competition with regional teams, which includes Australia National University and Hong Kong University. They also competed in the Global competition recently and emerged as World Champion.
The 3rd International Carey Moot Court Competition
Faculty of Law
Students from the NUS Law faculty emerged as champions at the 3rd International Carey Moot Court Competition. They have also won the Best Team Oral Arguments, Best Team and the Best written memorial. Adeline Tan, a member of the team, was also awarded Best Oralist. The moot is based on the European Convention of Human Rights and it was held in Prague, Czech Republic.