Individual Animal Identification for Animal Research Protocols
 08 Apr 2019

Entering, using and visiting NUS facilities
25 Sep 2017

PI monitoring regime, CM website and personnel working in non-NUS facility
5 Jun 2017

Update to IACUC policies on Notification to PI and Tumour guidelines
27 Jun 2016

Acquiring Fish through Comparative Medicine
15 Jun 2015

Imaging (Photography and video recording) of research animals - change in application for IACUC review
23 Apr 2014

Updates to the Guide and AVMA Guidelines for Euthanasia of Animals
17 Mar 2014

Circular on removal of "Use of animal for undergraduate/school/student project form"
27 Jan 2014

Circular on launch of iORC
16 Nov 2012

Circular on animals transfer from breeding to research protocols and checking of cages before cleaning them
24 Sep 2012

Circular on launching of genetically modified mice database
7 May 2012

Circular on 4 year duration for IACUC approval
25 April 2012

Circular on IACUC form submission
11 April 2012

Circular on lACUC policy on mouse cage density
8 March 2012

Controlled substance log book
7 January 2011

Recommendations of the Bioethics Advisory Committee(BAC) on human-animal combination stem cell research
1 October 2010

Use of Analgesics for post-operative management of animals in IACUC approved protocols
23 April 2010

Memorandum on IACUC Protocol Amendments
21 January 2010

Submission of the Annual Protocol Review(APR) for IACUC review
12 January 2010

Revision to Current Workflow on Research Account Creation
17 Aug 2009

Early submission of student project protocols to IACUC
21 January 2009

Testing of animal and human cell lines to be administered to animals
9 October 2008

Documentation and storage of sensitive materials
9 October 2008

AVA - Singapore Biosafety Guidellines
14 August 2008