Reporting Animal Care and Use Concerns

To help ensure that laboratory animals receive humane care and use or treatment in accordance with the highest ethical standards, laws, regulations and policies governing animal research, the IACUC will review and, if warranted, address any animal related concerns raised by the public or Institutional employees. The Reporting Form and the SOP are established to ensure that all concerns are communicated and addressed in a timely and systematic manner and, when necessary, appropriate corrective actions are taken promptly.

The confidentiality of those who report concerns as well as anyone against whom allegations are directed, while allegations are under investigation are protected. The complainants are also protected from reprisals under the NUS Whistleblowing policy. This policy can be found at the OHR webpage (left column, last hyperlink):

To Report:

Option 1

Download Reporting Form, complete it and submit to IACUC Whistleblowing or call 65162644.

Option 2

Contact the University Whistle-blowing Reporting Unit via the following channels:

Tel: 65166209
Postal address:
Attn: Whistleblowing Unit,
University Hall, Tan Chin Tuan Wing,
UHT #03-01, 21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd,
Singapore 119077

(Please seal the envelope and mark "Confidential" on it)

Please be assured that strict confidentiality will be maintained.

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