Career Catalyst

Kickstart your career preparation with CFG’s foundational career module.

Career Catalyst
Discover the importance of internships in securing full-time employment
Learn how to craft a resume and cover letter
Find out how to respond to different interview questions
Uncover the importance of an elevator pitch

Career Catalyst (CFG1002) is a 2MC, CS/CU Unrestricted Elective Module:

This module will help students explore and plan for their careers holistically at an early stage of their undergraduate studies. It provides the opportunity for them to start thinking about their career interests and develop a roadmap of actionable items to achieve their career aspirations.

These includes strengthening their personal profile, planning their coursework, acquiring essential experiencesand competencies through internships, extra-curricular activities, overseas programmes and other forms of experiential learning.


Through the module, students will pick up practical career tools such as writing an effective resume, acquiring good interview techniques, and developing an effective elevator pitch and a network of potential career connections.

An early focus on career readiness will help students get ahead in a competitive job market, since employers are increasingly converting their summer interns into full time employees to build their talent pipelines.

Industry relevance is an important component of this module. Senior students and alumni will be invited to share their job search insights and experiences, and recordings of recruiters sharing their perspectives on hiring trends and interviewing techniques will be made available as well.

The module consists of four lectures and two e-seminars over 6 weeks. Students will be equipped with essential skills and knowledge to make informed decisions on academic specialisations, personal growth and preferred career interests.

Module Outline

e-Learning Session 1: Perspective: Multiple Career Pathways

  • Insights on employment and hiring trends based on Graduate Employment Survey
  • Planning your Career Roadmap
  • Creating your profile on TalentConnect

e-Learning Session 2: Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Introduction to CAR statements
  • Structuring your resume
  • Drafting effective and targeted cover letters

e-Learning Session 3: Personal Branding and Crafting an Elevator Pitch

  • Basics of personal branding
  • Crafting an elevator pitch
  • Creating and maintaining a professional online presence (example: LinkedIn)

e-Learning Session 4: A Recruiter’s Perspective on Interview Preparation and Hiring Trends

  • Types of interviews and selection processes
  • How to prepare for interviews
  • Introduction to the interview response frameworks & techniques
  • Sharing of hiring trends by employers

e-Learning Session 5: Networking and Professional Presentation

  • Developing networking skills and strategy
  • Projecting a positive image for career success
  • Activities on networking strategies and techniques

e-Learning Session 6: Excelling as an Intern

  • Importance of internships
  • Tips for being a super intern
  • Workplace behaviour

What our students say

“I recommend this module even if you have attended similar workshops or seminars before. It is essential to know what to write in your resume.”

Year 1 SoC student

"One of the more informational lectures thus far! Appreciated :)"

Year 1 FoS student

“This is a very meaningful and effective module! I really appreciate all the resources, insider information and advice CFG has shared. Thank you so much for planning this for us, and for putting in all the evenings for this module. ❤”

Year 1 FASS student

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