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VMock is your 24/7 virtual career assistant that utilises technologies like artificial intelligence to provide instant personalised feedback on your resume and elevator pitch.

SMART Resume

SMART Resume

Power up your resume.

SMART Resume benchmarks your resume against 100+ critical parameters and provides targeted, personalised guidance to improve your resume.

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First Impressions Matter.

SMART Pitch prepares you for in person and video interviews. Practice and get feedback on your responses, body language, eye contact, and voice quality.

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How-to Guide


Go to https://www.vmock.com/nus.
Click on Continue with University ID.


Sign in with your NUSNET ID
(nusstu\a1234567) and password.


Click on Sign Up.

What is VMock?

VMock is a 24/7 virtual career assistant that utilises technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Sophisticated Analytics Engine to deliver instant, personalized and smart career guidance to students and professionals.

How VMock works?

VMock’s suite of applications incorporate rich historical data, robust knowledge sources, global best practices and recruiters’ criteria along with school-specific customisations to provide automated feedback. VMock will allow all NUS students a) access to benchmark based score on their resume and several uploads to improve it so that they can have a solid resume and b) immediate feedback on video interview preparation.

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