Enhance your learning and gain real-world experience through internships.

NUS offers a wide range of global and local programmes, guides, platforms and funding options to support internships. NUS students went on over 6,000 internships in the academic year 2017/2018.

Get started on finding your next internship with our helpful resources below.

Sourcing Internship Opportunities

As an NUS student, you have several options for sourcing internships:

  1. NUS TalentConnect
  2. Respective faculty
  3. NUS Overseas College
  4. Self- Source from Employers
  5. Enterprise Singapore – Go Southeast Asia (SEA) Award*

CFG strongly encourages students to participate in internships during the vacation periods.

Financial Support for Global Internships

NUS students embarking on internships overseas can apply for the following financial support:

Scholarships and Awards

  1. NUS Global Internship Award
  2. China Initiatives Steering Committee (CISC) Funding
  3. Lee Foundation McDonnell Scholarship
  4. Enterprise Singapore Young Talent Programme – Market Immersion


  1. NUS Overseas Student Programme Loan

More information and application instructions →

Modular Credit for Internships

For the different sources of internships, you can obtain modular credits subject to criteria from the respective faculties.

Source of internships Pre-approval for modular credit required
1. Faculty
2. TalentConnect
3. NUS Overseas College
4. Self-Source from Employers
5. Enterprise Singapore - Go SEA Award

*Pre-approval can be applied at home faculty
*NUS Modular System:

List of Faculty Internship Programmes

Planning & Preparing for Internships

Read the Internship Guidelines for Students.
Learn more about employment contracts, in-camp training obligations and workplace conduct.

Staying Safe on Internship

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Learn more about handling emergencies and workplace concerns while on internship.

For queries on internships listed on NUS Talent Connect and Global Internship programmes, please contact CFG at
All information is updated as of Sep 2018 and subjected to change. Please refer to the respective faculties for the most updated information and contacts.