Workplace Safety, Health and Fire Safety Workshop Series 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic in Singapore, the quest for learning in the NUS Alumni Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Society does not cease. The NUS Alumni SHE Society has been hosting the Workplace, Health and Fire Safety Workshop Series since May 2020, which aims to provide a platform for SHE Masters Alumni to continue in the journey of professional development, and for fellow SHE practitioners to exchange ideas in the field of safety, health and environment.

On 28 May, the Society was thrilled to host the fifth workshop in this series virtually, attracting more than 80 attendees for an informative and lively discussion. One area of interest was “Combustible Dust Hazards” – highly relevant to many industries, especially after the recent explosion at an industrial building in Tuas. The speaker, Er. Srinivasan Premkumar (Engineering ’07), a Process Safety Specialist from ALARP Process Safety Solutions shared the critical aspects of combustible dust, which includes the nature of combustible dust, process safety concerns, risk management approaches, as well as the relevant local and international standards.

The workshop also hosted Mr. Amos Wong Mun Fai (Engineering ’95), an Industry Specialist who gave insights on “Developments in Clean Agent Fire Suppression”. This topic also garnered interest as many industries seek the best solutions in addressing fire hazards while protecting valuable assets during a fire emergency. He also shared a recent development in the fire protection industry to protect multiple areas by using a single clean agent supply.

Aside from the speakers’ sharing, the workshop saw vibrant discussions among fellow alumni and SHE practitioners on the topics raised. The invited speakers also assisted with queries from the crowd, keeping the conversation robust.

The workshop was also joined by Dr Ivan Sin Siang Meng (Science ’92), Program Chair for the Master of Science in Safety, Health and Environmental Technology, who added, “We hope more alumni and like-minded SHE practitioners will join us to build this SHE-togetherness, connecting and re-connecting with fellow SHE practitioners.”

NUS Alumni SHE Society organises a variety of events, providing opportunities for professional development to alumni and fellow SHE practitioners. For more information on the Society and their upcoming events, please reach out to

Submitted by Ms Ye Meishan (Engineering ’18)

The NUS Executive MBA Networking Dinner at Chef Ashish Poddar's Home
On 26 March, Chef Ashish Poddar (Business '17, EMBA-C '19), founder of private home dining company Chef'd CLUB, hosted a private dinner for alumni and students of NUS Executive MBA, including Mr Umang Naik (EMBA-C '19), Mr Amit Patil (EMBA-C '22), Mr Gary Lee (EMBA- C'22), Mr Alok Singh (EMBA-C '21), Mr Marco Zucchet (EMBA-C '21), Ms Nadia Yang (EMBA-C '22) and Ms Maggie Meng (EMBA-C '19). Curating a progressive Asian cuisine, Chef Ashish fused international high grade sauces and culinary techniques with true Asian flavours. This dining option not only provided an intimate dining experience, but also memorable conversations and camaraderie. 

Submitted by Ms Linda Gouw, NUS BIZAlum. 
The NUS Executive MBA Networking Event - Liberty Art Jamming
On 17 March, the NUS BIZAlum Executive MBA organised an art jamming session, with portraiture as the theme. Each person sent their picture prior to the session to Mr Luigi La Tona (EMBA-C , '21) who hosted this creative experience. The collated images were circulated amongst the attendees, who selected gifted the portrait to whomever they painted. Attendees of this session, Mr Ayush Aggarwal (EMBA-C '21), Ms Charlotte Kehoe (EMBA-C '21), Mr Marco Zucchet (EMBA-C '21), Ms Nadia Yang (EMBA-C '22), Ms Rebekka Xu (EMBA-C '22) and Ms Xue Bai (EMBA-C '21) had great fun, lots of laughter and created many memories.

Submitted by Ms Lindaw Gouw, NUS BIZAlum. 
The NUS BIZAlum Executive MBA Networking Event: Hiking up Bukit Timah Hill
On 28 February, the NUS BIZAlum Executive MBA organised a hiking trip up Bukit Timah Hill, the highest point in Singapore at 164 metres. Hosted by Ms Enna Tan (NUS BIZCareers), Ms Ameya Khasgiwala (EMBA- C'20), Mr Felix Gunawan (EMBA-C '21), Ms Xue Bai (EMBA-C '21), Rebekka Xu (EMBA-C '22), Ms Colleen Huang (EMBA-C' 17) and Ms Linda Gouw (NUS BIZAlum) enjoyed an invigorating early morning hike.Coincidentally, the group also bumped into Ms Jamie Lim (EMBA-C '15), Chief Executive Officer of Scanteak Singapore, halfway up the hill!

After the hike, everyone dug into prata and teh tarik and connected with each other after burning all those calories!

Submitted by Ms Linda Gouw, NUS BIZAlum. 
Networking in Qingdao - NUS Alumni and Friends
On 27 February, alumni and Qingdao Ambassador, Mr David Lye (Arts and Social Sciences '95) jointly organised a networking dinner with friends from the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (SingCham in China), Mr Russell Tan and Mr Tony Leu, who are also currently living in Qingdao City, China. Members of the Qingdao International Business Association were also invited to the dinner, which provided a great opportunity for NUS Alumni to interact with fellow Singaporeans who are also working in the beautiful coast city of Qingdao, China.To celebrate Chinese New Year with a Singaporean flavour, guests also tossed lohei (yusheng) to round up the hearty evening with great festive cheer. 

Submitted by Mr David Lye (Arts and Social Sciences '95), NUS Alumni Qingdao Ambassador.
The NUS Executive MBA Networking Dinner at Straits Chinese Signatures
On 27 February, the NUS Executive MBA came together for a networking dinner at Singapore's oldest nonya restaurant, Straits Chinese Signatures at Esplanade. Hosted by Mr Kevin Yap (EMBA-C '20), Mr Pras Moorthy (EMBA-C '22), Mr Marco Zucchet (EMBA-C '21), Mr Luigi La Tona (EMBA-C '21), Mr Luke McNeal (EMBA-C '14), Mr Jeff Nah (EMBA-C '16), Ms Aki Nakamura (EMBA-C '08) and Ms Nadia Yang (EMBA-C '22) had an enjoyable evening networking over delicious perakan cuisine. True networking does not mean meeting people; it means becoming the type of person other people want to meet. 

Submitted by Ms Linda Gouw, NUS BIZAlum. 
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