LKYSPP Alumni Webinar: The Future of Work in a Post-Covid World

On 3 July 2021, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LYSPP) invited three alumni to speak on the topic The Future of Work in a Post-Covid World. Speaking from their vantage points from the private sector, non-profit organisation and multilateral organisation, Ms Cheryl Chung (’13), Mr Zhou Hao (’09) and Mr Tauvik Muhamad (’07) shared their valuable experiences and insights to a crowd of more than 53 alumni whio came from all around the world. Moderated by Ms Akshita Nanda (’21), the webinar was LKYSPP’s fringe event, exclusively for LKYSPP alumni. This session also coincided with Bukit Timah Homecoming 2021 – this year, the Class of 2011 also commemorated their 10th anniversary.

Submitted by Ms Sun Peiyi.

NUS Economics Alumni Sharing and Networking Event

On Saturday, 3 July 2021, NUS Economics Alumni organised the Alumni Sharing and Networking Event via Zoom, which saw a turnout of more than 30 Economics alumni and students.

In the Alumni Sharing segment, Mr Daniel Lo (Arts and Social Sciences ’81), Managing Director at CA Indosuez, shared his views on “Investment Opportunities in Challenging Times”. He spoke on the various types of financial and non-financial instruments that investors could consider investing, and highlighted some stocks that had potential to do well in the long term. Finally, he concluded by emphasising that patience is integral to successful investing, advising the attendees to invest with what you know and what you have.  

After the Alumni Sharing segment, like-minded Economics Alumni and students networked in breakout rooms to further enhance their ongoing professional development. The event was well received, as one attendee asked when the next webinar would be held, and another commented that he found it informative.

Submitted by Mr Edwin Chen (Arts and Social Sciences ‘08), NUS Economics Alumni EXCO Member

Raffles Hall Association Homecoming 2021

In conjunction with Bukit Timah Homecoming 2021, Raffles Hall Association (RHA) held its Balik Kampung (‘going home’ in Malay), on Saturday, 3 July. Attendees included past and current residents of Raffles Hall between the years 1966 and 2021 – which is an amazing span of 55 years!

The event was led by Programme Director, Dixon Tioh (Computing '14), who was also the emcee. The afternoon began with a speech by Raffles Hall Master, A/Prof Stella Tan (Science ’98), who warmly welcomed many senior alumnus in attendance from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and United Kingdom. Past President, Sonny Yuen (Business ’85) expressed his appreciation to the group for their strong support over the years in the formation of RHA, before handing the time over to current Chairman, Lim Swee Kim (Computing ’88), who thanked attendees for continuing to demonstrate the spirit of the legendary RH Phoenix with renewed vigour.  

She also introduced the new Executive Committee, which comprises:

  • Desmond Ee (Engineering ’74)
  • Lui Seng Fatt (Architecture ’78)
  • Ng Kian Seng (Science ’86)
  • Ms Rosita Ng (Law ’93)
  • Dixon Tioh (Computing ’14)
  • Leonard Tan (Engineering ’18)
  • Pang Wei Han (Science ’18)

Leonard updated plans for NUS Day of Service, which he has been planning with Kian Seng. Additionally, Dixon presented an online quiz he created, bringing everyone back to the good old days while giving their memory-banks a little workout! Attendees were then enchanted by stories from alumni such as Dr Jon Lim, past RH Senior Common Room Committee member; and Dato' Y. Sivaloganathan (Law ’71), who enriched everyone’s knowledge of RH history.

The final segment – an RHA Amazing Alumnus Production 2021 – featured a 16 minutes musical. Produced by alumni from the 1980s, the talented cast includes Al Dizon (Arts ’83), Steph Chee (Science ’85), Tan Beng Chiak (Science ’86), Carol Lim (Design and Environment ’87), Ngo Hwee Boon (Computing ’88), Ong Wai Kin (Engineering ’89) and Swee Kim. This musical celebrates RHA’s strengths, determination, care and concern for one another in the face of life’s adversities. The production also celebrates the past and present, recalling great moments in one’s lives, such as the upcoming Singapore National Day in August despite Covid-19. The music video is now available for viewing

To close the session, Dixon invited all attendees to put on their RH regalia (mostly caps and T-shirts) as everyone sang the beloved RH anthem with gusto. The committee thanks Rafflessians for joining in the annual Balik Kampung, and hopes that everyone continues to stay safe.

Submitted by Ms Lim Swee Kim (Computing ’88).

USP Classes of 2020 & 2021 E-Commencement Gathering

This year, the combined University Scholars Programme (USP) Commencement Ceremony for Classes of 2020 and 2021 was streamed online via NUS YouTube on the afternoon of 26 June 2021. This was an important occasion as it marked a major milestone for students who completed their undergraduate studies and transit into a new phase of their lives beyond USP and NUS.

To make this occasion more meaningful and intimate, USP graduates from both classes, USP professors and staff gathered on Kumospace, an interactive online platform for video chats to watch the pre-recorded ceremony together. It was interesting how the virtual space replicated spaces like USP Chatterbox, USP Sign at the courtyard and even the Theme Rooms! This would not have been possible without the hard work of the USP Class Representatives and graduates – Miguel Tan (Science + USP ‘20), Roger Liew (Arts and Social Sciences + USP ‘20), Yeo Shao Jie (Arts and Social Sciences + USP ’21), Jaymee Justiniano (Business + USP ‘21) and Jazreel Low (Engineering + USP ’21).

Submitted by Ms Tan Sin Yee and Ms Nur Amalina.

Fireside Chat with JS Alumni

On 25 June, Japanese Studies Alumni Association held its first virtual Fireside Chat, which featured 3 alumni who spoke on their personal career journeys. The event was titled “Interesting Careers”. Mr Ismail Bin Zainal (Arts and Social Sciences ’18), Ms Yao Huijun (Arts and Social Sciences ’09) and Mr Toh Shun Gui (Arts and Social Sciences ’12) generously shared their personal challenges, highlights of their past and current work experiences across various sectors, such as in Public Service, Commodities Reporting, and Cryptocurrency Sales.

This inaugural session kicks off a series of networking events to be held online or offline, depending on the COVID-19 situation – the intention is to keep alumni connected, and provide a platform to feature diverse members of the Japanese Studies alumni to the wider alumni community and students. Graduating students were also invited to join the 25 June session to support their transition to the working world and welcome them as the new batch of Japanese Studies alumni.

With positive feedback from various participants, the organising committee has expressed their excitement to continue organising similar events to fuel engagement and highlight the diversity of the alumni group.

Submitted by Mr Mizael Poh (Arts and Social Sciences '14)

10th Year Reunion for Duke-NUS Class of 2011

Back in 2011, the inaugural Class of 2011 graduated and now in 2021, Duke-NUS marked the Class’ momentous 10th Year celebration with a Reunion. Doctors Rena Dharmawan, Shan Koh Bundgaard, Chia Ghim Song and Lim Kheng Choon from this graduating class joined the department of Alumni Relations as Reunion Co-Chairs, to plan the event and engage their classmates.

Invited guests included alumni from the Class of 2011, their families and key faculty members who guided the class and contributed to the founding of the school. Guests who were located overseas joined in via Zoom, including Former Dean, Prof Ranga Krishnan who tuned in from Rush Medical College in Chicago; co-creator of TeamLEAD, Prof Doyle Graham who logged in from North Carolina; and former Student Affairs Dean, Prof Craig Stenberg who participated virtually from Arizona with his wife. Locally, it was an honour to host Dr Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information of Ministry of Health; along with other local founders such as Prof Soo Khee Chee (Medicine ’95), Prof Patrick Casey, Prof Robert Kamei, Prof Thiru Thirumoorthy, Prof Sandy Cook, Prof Lim Shih Hui (Medicine ’82) and Prof Simon Ong (Medicine ’90).  Additionally, Mr Tony Chew and wife, who were an integral source of support and motivation for alumni development, were also present. Lastly, core admin staff such as Ms Goh Sok Hong from the former MERE department – who remains to this day, the key personnel who runs the curriculum with great support from the faculty members – also joined in the celebration of this milestone. It was heartwarming to see everyone catching up and reminiscing the good old days.

After a warm welcome by Dr Dharmawan (’11), Dean Thomas Coffman gave an opening address. Other programme highlights included a video collage, created from nostalgic photos collated from the Office of Education and contributed by some of the invited guests. The group enjoyed the quiz of trivia questions about the class and student days in Duke-NUS.

The highlight of the reunion was the Reflections segment. Moderated by Dr Tina Tan (’11), this segment featured alumni and faculty who came together to speak about their shared experiences and growth in pioneering the Duke-NUS journey, and forging its formative identity. Prof Ranga, Prof Soo, Prof Casey and Mr Chew shared memorable personal accounts of the obstacles the school faced well before the first class of students arrived on campus. The tone was one of shared achievement, and the audience appreciated the passion and importance of making Duke-NUS a reality. It was of no surprise that Prof Ranga led the sharing – having played an instrumental role as the Dean, the memories and countless stories of overcoming the initial challenges when setting up Duke-NUS together with the founding faculty members, still remain vivid till today.

To round up the event, alumni also shared their early memories with the school, weaving in personal stories of the former campus (former School of Nursing block), TeamLEAD, the nascent colleges and the unique stresses a pioneering cohort faced. Alumni also reflected on what they valued in establishing the school’s traditions and paving the way for future batches.

Submitted by Ms Stella Liang, Duke-NUS Office of Alumni Relations.
Webinar – Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Talk on Corporate Governance

The Accountancy Wing of NUS Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSA) organised the Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Talk on 17 June 2021. The 9th run of this series, the recent session marks the 2nd year running the talk virtually. Covering key elements of corporate governance and its failures, this talk was delivered by Associate Professor Mak Yuen Teen, who teaches corporate governance at NUS Business School. Prof Mak is also an active researcher, commentator, speaker, and advocate in this area, having published reports on issues such as corporate governance, board diversity and executive and director remuneration. With his wealth of experience leading governance reviews for numerous listed companies, Prof Mak is also regularly engaged by regulators and organisations to conduct workshops for directors, regulators, and other industry professionals.

The event garnered 60 attendees and was kick-started with a speed networking session in breakout rooms. Mr Derrick Kew (Business ’17), the emcee for the evening, then gave an introductory speech, which was followed by a corporate presentation from Pivotal, the sponsor for the talk. With the tagline Is there a vaccine for governance failures?, Prof Mak shared the regulatory framework and investor protection in Singapore, its deficiencies, and a comparison with the markets in other countries. His presentation was accompanied by a number of cartoon illustrations on corporate governance ecosystem in Singapore, which brought laughter to the audience. With the help of case studies, Prof Mak also explored how the average investor could potentially identify problematic companies by using public information. Despite the seriousness of the topics discussed, Prof Mak kept the talk light and entertaining with his humour and knowledge. The audience were also constantly engaged with the use of polls and a Q&A segment that allowed them to delve deeper into some issues raised. As the session drew to a close around 10pm, attendees gained many insightful takeaways and expressed their wish for the talk to be extended, to hear more from Prof Mak. The event, which was well-received, ended on a high note with a photo taking session.

This event would not be possible without the generous sponsorship from Pivotal, and was organised by NUSBSA Director, Mr Edward Ta (Business ‘87) and NUSBSA Accountancy Wing members –Mr Raffles Ng (Business ‘18), Mr Pang Jun Xiang (Business ’17), and their dedicated organising committee. Till the next time as the quest in search of the vaccine for governance failures continues!

Submitted by Mr Raffles Ng (Business ’18), NUSBSA Accountancy Wing

NUS Economics Alumni - Alumni Sharing and Networking Event

NUS Economics Alumni recently organised the Alumni Sharing and Networking Event, which took place on 29 May, Saturday via Zoom. The event garnered a turnout of about 40 Economics Alumni members.

The speaker for the Alumni Sharing segment titled Investments in The Post Pandemic World, was presented by Mr Jonathan Low (Arts and Social Sciences ‘17). With 5 years of experience in investment banking and private debt investing across EMEA and APAC, Jonathan is an associate in Orion Capital Asia working on middle market private debt investments across APAC. His sharing included insights on different industries impacted by the pandemic and volatility of future markets.

Following the Alumni Sharing segment, like-minded Economics Alumni and students networked with each other in breakout rooms. This networking session provided an opportunity for participants to enhance on-going professional development. 

It was a truly wonderful event that received positive feedback from participants who found the event insightful. Particularly, many participants enjoyed the networking session, which was extremely effective in providing a platform to reconnect with fellow Economics Alumni members.

NUS Economics Alumni Committee welcomes Economics Alumni who would like to give back – do contact President, Ms Valerie Chow (Arts and Social Sciences ‘97) at if you are interested to join the Committee!

Submitted by Ms Jesslyn Zeng (Arts and Social Sciences ‘19), Secretary, NUS Economics Alumni Committee.

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