Issue 115 | Oct-Dec 2018

Skillsfuture Advice Workshop

Data Analytics

More than 280 alumni attended the introductory workshop on Data Analytics, where they also learnt about the types of lifelong learning courses that the NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Learning (SCALE) and SkillsFuture have to offer.


The interactive workshop involved using the app Kahoot, through which attendees answered questions shown on the screen. Participants also showed great interest in the NUS Lifelong Learner (L3) Programme. Many of them stayed back to ask questions even after the session ended. Due to the overwhelming response for the session held on 12 July, an additional session was held on 2 August.

Speakers included Dr Julian Lin (Computing ’07), Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity and Data Analytics, NUS SCALE; and Dr Guo Lei, Lecturer and Consultant, Analytics and Intelligent, NUS SCALE, who presented on Basic Introduction to Data Analytics. Representatives from the Skills Future Engage Office and NUS SCALE presented updates on NUS Lifelong Learners (L3) Programme.

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