Issue 117 | Apr-Jun 2019

Interpreter of Winds

Mr Fairoz Ahmad (Arts and Social Sciences + USP ’06)

Book Corner - Interpreter of Winds

Often an unnoticed caress on our faces, winds are voiceless and formless. How do we interpret them? What mysteries can we find in the whispers of winds? From a Dutch occupied Java where a witch was murdered, a dog who desires to be a Muslim, to a day in which all sense of music is lost, the mundane is aflame with the uncanny.  In these stories, Mr Fairoz Ahmad (Arts and Social Sciences + USP ’06) invites you to take a closer look at ordinary objects, as they take on a life of their own and spin gossamer threads. This book is a celebration of the little charms and enchantments of our universes amidst struggles and eventual helplessness.

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