Issue 127 | Oct-Dec 2021

Managing Wellbeing – The NUS Experience and You

On 22 July, 172 inquisitive participants joined Dr Andrew Tay (Medicine ’07) and Dr Kinjal Doshi from the NUS Health and Wellbeing Team in the Office of the President to strengthen their understanding of mental health.

Dr Tay and Dr Kinjal educated the virtual audience on useful tools and resources they can adopt to cope with increased anxiety and uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, along with other strategies they can apply at different stages of life. Participants also benefitted from helpful knowledge on how employers and managers can play a part in maintaining employees’ health and wellbeing. 

Dr Andrew Tay (Medicine ’07) Director (Health & Wellbeing), Office of the President, NUS

Dr Kinjal Doshi
Lead Psychologist (Health & Wellbeing), Office of the President, NUS

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