Issue 127 | Oct-Dec 2021

Multilingualism – Opening New Doors

In this edition of Future-ready Workshops, alumni were treated to an insightful session on multilingualism as a portal to a better future.

Assoc Prof Titima with attendees of the workshop.
On 13 July, over 160 participants tuned in via Zoom to hear from Associate Professor Titima Suthiwan, Director of NUS Centre for Language Studies, as she shed light on multilingualism as an economic and social tool to future-proof oneself. Alumni got to learn about opportunities offered by the University to enable them to harness this advantage. The zestful session was also enlivened by an introduction to common Thai greetings and phrases.
To pick up another language, contact NUS Centre for Language Studies at +65 6516 6346 or email 
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