Day of Ceremony

At least one (1) week before your ceremony

Collect Academic Dress

You should have collected your Academic Dress(es) if you have not done so. Please click here for Serangoon Broadway Studio’s address and operating hours.

One (1) day before your ceremony

Save the Email with your Seat Details and QR Code

An email with seat details and QR code would already have been sent to the graduate’s NUS lifelong email account.


  1. Save the email, or screenshot, and/or save the seat details and QR code for easy retrieval.
  2. Note that the QR code is required for scanning during registration, AND before you are presented on-stage.
On the day of your ceremony

Safe Management Measures

Graduates and guests who are not feeling well are advised not to attend the Ceremony.

Prevailing Safe Management Measures (SMM) will be implemented.

Dress Code

Graduates and guests must be dressed according to the dress code, or they will not be allowed to enter the UCC Ho Bee Auditorium for the ceremony.

Graduates who are not appropriately attired may not be presented on stage. Please:

  1. Click here for graduates’ dress code.
  2. Click here for guests’ dress code.

Report for Registration at Alice Lee Plaza

Please arrive at Alice Lee Plaza (ALP) for registration at the stipulated reporting time stated in the email to allow sufficient time to conduct checks.

*Note: Graduates and guests who are mobility impaired may report via UCC Main Entrance. Graduates who had earlier informed Registrar’s Office of their, or their guests’ mobility impairment, would have received an email via their NUS lifelong email with further details on this.

Graduates and guests are advised to arrive together.

Please bring the following to facilitate registration:

  1. NRIC (for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) or Passport (for foreigners).
  2. Proof of vaccination status via TraceTogether App or hard-copy certificate.
  3. TraceTogether App or token.
  4. NUS email with seat details and QR code.
*Note: Flowers, bulky bags/items are not allowed in UCC. In addition, bags may be checked for security purposes.

Seat Details

An email with seat details and QR code would already have been sent to the graduate’s NUS lifelong email account.

Please note:

  1. Graduates must be seated in the Auditorium at least 20 mins before the start of the ceremony (to facilitate attendance taking for on-stage presentation).
  2. Graduates should have the email with their seat details ready to show the respective ushers as they enter the Auditorium, and at the graduates’ seating section.
  3. Guests will be seated on first-come-first-served basis. The Auditorium will be opened for seating 1 hour before the start of the ceremony.
  4. Latecomers may not be allowed entry into the Auditorium or presented on stage.

Start of Ceremony

Please ensure that mobile phones are switched off or set to silent mode.

Graduates and guests will be asked to rise for the Academic Procession and National Anthem. Take a seat after the Presiding Officer declares the ceremony open.

The mortarboard/bonnet must be worn throughout the ceremony.

Presentation of Graduates

  1. Follow the ushers’ instructions for your presentation on-stage.
  2. Ensure you have the QR code, either by email or screenshot saved in your phone, ready as you join the queue.
  3. Keep your mobile phone in the Academic Dress pockets after you have scanned the QR code.
  4. Once on-stage,
    • Stand at the first red line at the top of the stairs, and
    • Move forward to the second red line (near the rostrum) when the graduate in front of you has started to walk across the stage.
  5. Only start to walk to the Presiding Officer AFTER your name has been fully read out.
  6. When you reached the Presiding Officer, receive the scroll tube (and medal box if any) from the Presiding Officer and pose, with mask on, for the cameras. No handshake or physical contact with the Presiding Officer is allowed.
  7. Leave the stage immediately so that the next graduate can be presented.
  8. There will be a second photo opportunity once off-stage. You may remove your mask for this photo-taking.
  9. Collect your degree scroll and medals (if any) if you have not done so earlier.
  10. Return to your seats immediately.

End of Ceremony

Once all graduates have been presented and upon conclusion of the valedictorian speech (if any):

  1. Please rise for the National Anthem.
  2. Thereafter, please remain standing as the Academic Procession leaves the stage.
  3. Graduates and guests may leave once the Academic Procession has left the Auditorium. Please follow the instructions of the ushers.

After the Ceremony

  1. Light refreshments will be served after the ceremony.
  2. Graduates who rented their academic dress are reminded to return their Academic Dress to Serangoon Broadway by 21 August 2022.
  3. More details on how to order your Ceremony photos will be shared in due course.
  4. There will be no surveys at this year’s Commencement ceremonies.

Graduation Merchandize

  1. Please click here for special promotions from NUS Co-Op.
  2. Booths will be set up at UCC for purchase of graduation merchandize.
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