Virtual Ceremony


  • Save the date! Check the date and time of your e-ceremony here and save it in your personal calendar.
  • Invite your family and friends to watch your virtual Commencement Ceremony on Youtube on the day of your ceremony.
  • Check out the Ceremony Proceedings here.


  • Submit your photograph for the “Presentation of Graduates” segment!
  1. During the virtual Commencement ceremony, photographs of graduates will be displayed next to their name and degree (as well as medals/awards, if applicable) to commemorate their accomplishments and to celebrate their graduation.

  2. Adding a photograph is optional. Graduates who do not wish to or did not submit a photograph by the stipulated deadline will just have their name and degree (as well as medals/awards, if applicable) displayed.

  3. If you are agreeable to have your photograph displayed during the virtual ceremony, please login to myEduRec (Academics > Commencement Photo Upload) to upload your photograph between 2 June to 8 June 2021.  Please take note of the following requirements:
    • Ensure your photo is in JPEG (.jpg) format.
    • The file size must be less than 1 MB.
    • Recommended Dimensions:minimum 620 x 620 pixels with 150 pixel per inch (ppi) or at least 72 ppi.
    • We suggest a front-facing shot. Below are some samples for your reference.

  4. Though it is not compulsory, we encourage you to wear your Academic Dress for the photograph.

  • Send your congratulatory and appreciation messages!
  • While watching the e-ceremony on Youtube, you may send in messages using the “Live Chat” feature. Show your gratitude and appreciation to your family, friends and lecturers!

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  • Graduation Souvenirs
  • Visit the NUS Co-op website if you wish to purchase souvenirs such as Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 graduation bears and lions for keepsake!

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