Frequently Asked Questions on Degree Scrolls and Transcripts

Q1. Can I still collect the hard-copy degree scroll if I have the electronic (e-Degree Scroll) version?

Yes. NUS issues both electronic and hard-copy degree scrolls.

  1. For more information on electronic (e-) degree scrolls and transcripts, please refer to the e-Degree Scrolls and e-Transcripts webpage.
  2. For more information on hard-copy degree scrolls, please refer to the Degree Scrolls webpage.


Q2. I have collected my degree scroll earlier. Can I still attend my Commencement ceremony?

Yes, you may still attend your Commencement ceremony even if you have collected your scroll earlier. Please do remember to register your attendance to attend Commencement by 30 April 2022.


Q3. I am conferring my degree on 30 June 2022. When is the earliest I can collect my hard-copy degree scroll?

Students whose degrees are conferred on 31 May and 30 June 2022 may collect their hard-copy degree scroll and a complimentary copy of their official transcript:

  1. During their Commencement ceremony in July at UCC, or
  2. After Commencement from 19 July 2022 onwards, either:
    • By self-collect or collect by proxy at the Registrar’s Office (by appointment only); or
    • By post.

Please refer to the Degree Scrolls webpage for more details (e.g. eligibility for early collection how to book an appointment and information on postage fees, etc.).


Q4. I have a ‘Hold’ on my record, what should I do?

Your degree scroll and transcript will be withheld if there is a ‘Hold’ on your record. These ‘Holds’ are typically due to:

  1. Outstanding fees,
  2. Outstanding library fines,
  3. Unreturned library books, and/or
  4. Hostel related.

You will need to contact the relevant office to work out the necessary rectification before the degree scroll and transcript may be issued to you.

You may log in to myEduRec, within 30 days from your official conferment date, to check for any ‘Hold(s)’ on your records.


Q5. Will I be presented my degree scroll on stage at my Ceremony?

Graduates will be presented a NUS degree scroll tube by the Presiding Officer on stage. The tube does not contain the actual degree scroll and transcript, and graduates may keep the scroll tube.

The actual degree scroll and transcript will be issued after a graduate comes off-stage before returning to their seat in the Auditorium.


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