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Students can now search and view the course and timetable information from NUSMods. Besides providing information on pre-requisites and preclusions of a course, courses now contain more details such as whether they have S/U option, lab-based, independent-study courses or SkillsFuture funded.

Click here for list of courses offered in Mini-Semesters.

Detailed Course Information

Timetables changes may occur due to unforeseen circumstances; students are advised to check the listings regularly for any updates.

Students can use the NUSMods in the planning of their timetable.

Add Courses via the CourseReg

Only courses available to students in the Non-Graduating Programme will be reflected in the system.

There is only one round to submit your course requests. You can submit up to 23 Units of courses.

Your request will be processed after you click “Submit”. Refer to CourseReg Schedule for course allocation outcome release dates. CourseReg Central Team will also send email & SMS to inform students when outcomes are released.

Set Courses to Audit

Please complete and submit the online APU form for our processing. The deadline to set courses to Audit basis is at the end of drop courses with ‘W’ grade period (click here).

Courses from the following Faculty/Department/Centre CANNOT be done on an Audit basis:

  • Arts & Social Sciences
  • Building
  • Business
  • Computing
  • Law
  • Industrial and System Engineering
  • Division of Industrial Design
  • Public Health
  • Public Policy
  • Real Estate
  • Statistics and Data Science
  • Centre for English Language Communication
  • NUS College
  • Life Sciences courses from Faculty of Science
  • UROPS courses from Faculty of Science (subject to approval from the Department offering the course)

Note: Students who are enrolled in courses on Audit basis will only attend lectures and will not be permitted to sit for examinations. Participation in other practical components (including tutorials, laboratory work, fieldwork) will be at the discretion of the respective faculty/department. The course will be assigned an ‘AUD’ grade and will not be assigned a letter grade.

Set Courses from Audit to Exam

Please complete and submit the online APU form for our processing. The deadline to set courses from Audit to Exam is at the end of drop courses with ‘W’ grade period (click here).

Verification of Critical Data Exercise

To ensure that your record in our student database is correct for purposes of the University’s examinations, all coursework students are required to verify their courses online via myEduRec. You will be notified via your NUS email account about this verification exercise which will typically take place in Week 8 of the semester. You are advised to report any discrepancies in your course records via the online form here.

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