NUS Identity


To create a consistent look across a wide range of communications, some typefaces have been selected for use by NUS entities.

Frutiger, a sans serif font, has been selected as the NUS primary typeface because of its legibility and distinct typographic style. All covers of printed literature, stationery, forms, brochures, publications, etc., should use Frutiger.

Primary Typeface - Frutiger

*The Frutiger font is not a Windows standard font. The University has purchased it from a font library and NUS staff can request from the Office of University Communications for the use of this font.

In situations where the Frutiger font is not easily available, the Arial font can be used in its place.

Alternative Primary Typeface - Arial

Verdana and Times New Roman has been selected as a secondary typeface to complement Frutiger. It can be used for the text of letters, faxes, publications, etc.

Secondary Typeface - Verdana


Secondary Typeface - Times New Roman

The Chinese typeface is DFP HeiTM, and both simplified and traditional versions have been selected to complement Frutiger.

Chinese Typeface - DFP HeiTM