Tan Jiak Kim Circle (TJK Circle) members were invited for an exclusive visit to the Food Science and Technology Laboratories.


On 19 March 2021, members from the Tan Jiak Kim Circle (TJK Circle) were invited for an exclusive visit to the NUS Food Science and Technology (FST) Laboratories, as part of a series of specially-curated stewardship events where they have the opportunity to experience the University’s efforts in innovation and enterprise, to create a better world.

The TJK Circle honours Mr Tan Jiak Kim, who in 1905, led the Chinese community to raise funds to establish Singapore’s first medical college and thus laid the foundation for an institution that would later become the National University of Singapore (NUS). The TJK Circle recognises donors who have made an annual gift of S$10,000 to below S$100,000 to the University.


Professor Zhou Weibiao, Head of Department of Food Science & Technology (FST), NUS, opened the event with a welcome address before taking guests on a tour of the three facilities located within the FST Department – the FST Research Corridor, the FST Teaching Labs and the Foodomic and Food Safety Labs.

The programme of the day also featured topics of interest like food sustainability, 3D food printing and food security, and guests also enjoyed a glimpse of teaching and research activities at FST.

Through the visit, guests were able to have a peek at the various facilities within the Department and hear from the Professors themselves, on their diverse research interests and in-depth knowledge of FST. The guests were able to witness firsthand how their support has enabled the University to advance its mission to educate, inspire and transform.


NUS continues to engage in robust research and innovate solutions that improve lives and creates better understanding of the world for a better Singapore and beyond – a commitment that started 115 years ago.