The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is working towards the “30 by 30” goal of building Singapore’s agri-food industry’s capability and capacity to sustainably produce 30% of the nation’s nutritional needs by 2030. Can the SFA achieve this challenging target given that less than 10% of the country's nutritional needs are currently met by local production?

Mr Chee Zhi Kin, Co-Founder of City Sprouts, warmly welcoming participants to The NUS Giving Experience “Beyond Farm to Bar: A Sachi Experience @ City Sprouts”

“We want to educate the public and encourage more people to participate in urban farming, even if they don't think they have green fingers. We want to debunk the myths and misconceptions around urban farming and show people that it is possible to grow food in an urban setting,” said Mr Chee Zhi Kin, Co-Founder of City Sprouts, emphasising that increased participation in urban farming within the community can play a crucial role in achieving food security.

While technology-based farms have been considered a viable solution, City Sprouts stressed the importance of public education and participation to support the entire urban farming movement and achieve sustainable, locally sourced food production.

The NUS Giving Experience “Beyond Farm to Bar: A Sachi Experience @ City Sprouts” was a huge success where guests had a great time learning about sustainable gardening, tasting delicious Sachi cocktails, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Participants captivated by the urban farm at City Sprouts, gaining insightful knowledge about the vibrant natural urban ecosystem.

A special tour of the urban farm at City Sprouts kicked off the event, where passionate gardeners shared their knowledge and engaged guests in an interactive Q&A. During the tour, many guests expressed their amazement at the amount of fresh produce that can be grown in an urban environment.

Ms Felicia Ng, Sachi Wine Ambassador, passionately sharing the inspiring journey behind the birth of Sachi.

Another highlight of the evening was Sachi, an innovative soy whey-based alcoholic beverage brand, that was born from a research project at NUS. The founders of Sachi discovered that soy whey, a by-product of tofu production, was often discarded as waste. They saw an opportunity to repurpose this waste and create a sustainable beverage. The guests were treated to a special selection of Sachi cocktails at the session. Many were impressed by the taste and sustainability credentials of the product, as well as the brand's commitment to reduce food waste in the tofu industry.

After enjoying the cocktails, guests also had the opportunity to participate in a cocktail-making workshop, expanding their creativity and coming up with a variety of delicious and unique drinks using Sachi wine as a base. The Sachi team not only offered guidance and advice during the workshop, but also inspired participants to create their own cocktail creations at home.

The event was a celebration of sustainability and innovation in the food and beverage industry. It demonstrated the limitless possibilities of sustainable farming and locally sourced food production. By encouraging more individuals and businesses to adopt sustainable practices and innovative approaches, we can work towards a more sustainable and secure future for all.

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