King Edward Hall at Kent Ridge (KE Hall at KR) was first opened unofficially in January 1979 to accept its first batch of residents. The name King Edward Hall was chosen to restore the historical significance related to the university. To avoid confusion, ‘at KR’ was included until King Edward Hall at Sepoy Lines closed.

King Edward hall at Kent Ridge was officially declared open on 5th December 1981 by then- President of Singapore and Chancellor of NUS, Mr. Devan Nair. Four years later, in December 1985, the hall embraced a new name, departing from KEKR to Kent Ridge Hall in order to create a new identity and tradition free from the shadow of KEVII. Pro-chancellor at NUS, Dr. Justice A. P. Rajah, officiated the Hall Renaming Ceremony.

The following year marked the unveiling of the new Hall Crest and Hall Motto by President Wee Kim Wee. The new Hall Motto was first proposed by residents of the hall and then discussed and modified to take the form it has today- ‘Seek, Strive and Excel’. The motto expressed the essence of the hall and its residents, the continual seeking for knowledge and truth, the striving for high ideals in spite of difficulties, and the excellence which marks all that is undertaken by us to do. The source of our hall spirit and a driving force of our achievements is our strong family culture. It is believed that the camaraderie forged during our stay here will pave the way for our renewed goal, that of being “the Family Hall ever striding for excellence”, reinforced by the Family Song introduced in 2002.

In November 2002, KR was relocated from its original site in Lower Kent Ridge Road to its current location at Heng Mui Keng Terrace. The move was symbolically represented by having the then-residents walk over to the new building, which was officially opened on 3rd January 2004 by former President S. R. Nathan.

Despite the move, the culture of Kent Ridge Hall has not only survived, but thrived in its new home. From outstanding results in FLAG and RAG, yearly productions and most recently, becoming champions of the Inter-Hall Games (IHG) in 2014, it become clear that the spirit of excellence KR embodies remains ever-present in the hall.


Our Values


As students in this great institution called ‘The World’ we continually seek not only knowledge, but truth, wisdom and experience. We seek both to achieve for ourselves, as well as for society that has nourished us. An intelligent curiosity marks us as students and as Kent Ridgeans; it will lead us to a higher standard or learning, achievement and personal development never realized before.


The sweetest victory come not overnight, neither does it come as a breeze. It comes rather, in the striving for greater heights and higher ideals, against the pressure and stress that life inevitably holds. It is in straining both the mind and the body to their utmost limit that endurance, courage, persistence, patience and grit are born; such are the qualities that will enable us in later years to face the greater challenge of life outside hall.


Excellence in all our pursuits is the natural result of the continual seeking and striving in life. As the premier hall, excellence is the cornerstone of our tradition and heritage. The desire to excel in all things motivates us to give only the best of ourselves so as to achieve and realize the highest goals and aspirations in life. Yet even as we ‘Seek, Strive and Excel’ to become the premier hall on campus, we seek to serve those around us.

Our Mission

To provide an all-round positive homely and vibrant living experience that cultivates a strong Kent Ridge Hall family spirit, in partnership with OSA, hall management and staff, as well as students.


Our Vision

A premium provider of a first class university living experience that promotes OSA’s achievement of a total university experience for students.