The Senior Common Room Committee (SCRC) comprises academic or executive and professorial staff who reside together with Kent Ridgeans. The committee is made up of Resident Fellows (RFs) from each of the five blocks in Kent Ridge and led by the Master of the Hall.

The primary role of the SCRC is to work closely with the Hall Master and various committees to enhance residential life in Kent Ridge Hall. In addition, the SCRC has the additional role of looking after the well-being of Kent Ridgeans, with each resident fellow acting as a guardian of their respective block. Besides acting as mentors, advisors and resource persons to Kent Ridgeans, they also serve as community builders and care members in the hall.
Professor Kua Harn Wei
Name: Ms. Charina Ong
Position: A Block RF 
Portfolio: Rag ● IT ● Social ● Kent Ridge Volunteers ● JC Outreach
Ms. Charina Ong is the Resident Fellow in charge of the social, outreach and IT aspects of hall. She oversees KR Rag, IT & Automation Committee, Social Relations Unit, External Events Committee, Kent Ridge Volunteers and JC Outreach Committee.
: Ms. Png Ning
Position: B Block RF
Portfolio: Heritage Committee ● Hall Promotion Board  ● Freshmen Welcome Orientation Camp (FWOC) ● KR Enterprise
Description: Ms Png Ning is the Resident Fellow in charge of the promotion and exposure camps of the hall as well as enterprise. She oversees the Hall Promotion Board, Freshmen Welcome Orientation Camp (FWOC), Heritage Committee and KR Enterprise.
Name: Dr. Rosalind Siah
Position: C Block RF
Portfolio: Finance ● Flag ● Alumni Relations
Dr. Rosalind is the Resident Fellow in charge of all finance-related matters. She oversees the finance executives, Flag Committee and Alumni Relations Unit.
: Dr. Matthew Chua
Position: E Block RF
Portfolio: Culture Groups ● Productions ● Media Committee ● Awards
Description: Dr. Matthew Chua is the Resident Fellow in charge of cultural activities, production and media. He oversees the Hall and Dance Production Committee, Video Production Team, KRAPHICS, KR Reporters and Photography Committee.
Name: Dr. Siu-Kit Lau (Eddie)
Position: D Block RF
Portfolio: Safety ● Welfare ● YEP ● Environment ● Sports
Description: Dr. Lau is the Resident Fellow in charge of welfare, safety and Sports. He oversees the Youth Expedition Programme, Welfare Committee, Safety Committee, Sports Management Unit and Steppers.