About NUS Cares

NUS launched its inaugural Day of Service (DOS) on 3 September 2016 when the entire NUS community came together to give back to the society. Since then, the first Saturday of September has been marked as NUS DOS. Over the course of 6 years, the NUS community has participated in more than 250 projects and benefitted more than 28,000 beneficiaries.

COVID-19 has amplified many pressing needs in our communities. To meet the challenges of the pandemic, DOS has evolved from a single-day event to a year-long platform for the NUS community to champion or volunteer in meaningful initiatives guided by the “ABC” tenets of:

1. Building Awareness of the needs around us and recognition of those already contributing;
2. Bridging members of the NUS community to the needs of society, and
3. A call to action for all to Contribute

Building on DOS’ momentum over the years and harnessing the strong sense of service within the NUS community, NUS DOS has been re-positioned as NUS Cares in August 2022. The first Saturday of September is still retained as a commemorative day for NUS Cares.

Be part of this movement to make the world a better place. Share your volunteer story or find a volunteer opportunity with NUS Cares.