Issue 115 | Oct-Dec 2018

NUS Day of Service 2018

The annual NUS Day of Service (DOS), now in its third year, has gone from strength to strength since its inception.

DOS is an initiative of the NUS Alumni Advisory Board and managed by NUS Alumni Relations. There is a DOS Committee supporting this effort, comprising alumni, students from NUS Students’ Union as well as staff from the Offices of University Communications, Human Resources and Student Affairs. Here is a snapshot of some of the DOS activities.






1 Giving Voice to the Wildlife with ACRES
Champion: NUS Forensic Science Alumni
NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye (left) carried out maintenance work at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre with volunteers.

2 East Coast Park Cleanup
Champion: NUS Alumni Relations
NUS Provost Professor Ho Teck Hua, together with volunteers at East Coast Park, picked up a 88kg of trash.

3 MakeFest 2018 - Active Ageing for Elderly
Champion: NUS Students’ Union
Students taught the elderly how to use their smartphones.

4 Dignity Kitchen: One Day as a Hawker
Champion: Raffles Hall
At Dignity Kitchen, volunteers learned baking and cooking from the disabled and underprivileged, and served what they cooked to the elderly.

5 Day of Service at SWAMI Home
Champion: NUS Alumni Sing-Along
Members provided entertainment with sing-along for nursing home residents.

Champion: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and NUS Economics Alumni
Children from Club Rainbow and their families enjoyed an excursion to Gardens by the Bay with volunteers.

7 Breakfast for Migrant Workers
Champion: College of Alice & Peter Tan
Students visited a workers’ dormitory and brought breakfast for the migrant workers.


8 Cleanup at See Sar Yeik Old Age Care Center
Champion: NUS alumni in Yangon
Alumni in Yangon were at the See Sar Yeik Old Age Care Center to spend time with the elderly and helped to clean the premises.

9 Spring Cleaning of Homes of Our Vulnerable Elderly
Champion: King Edward VII Hall
Volunteers visited and cleaned the homes of elderly to improve their home safety and sanitation.

10 EV Big Mangrove Cleanup
Champion: Life Sciences Society, Environmental Biology Interest Group
180kg of trash was collected and documented from the Sungei Pandan Mangroves cleanup activity.

11 Kayak River Cleanup
Champion: NUS Students’ Union
Volunteers went on kayaks to pick up trash from parts of Marina Reservoir that are otherwise inaccessible, and learned about the effects of littering on the environment and sea animals.

12 UCI Caring Initiative
Champion: University Campus Infrastructure (UCI)
Volunteers packed and distributed groceries to residents living in rental blocks at Taman Jurong.

“More than just sustained volunteerism, many [in the NUS community] are change agents leading service efforts despite their day-to-day jobs. They put their knowledge and skills to use, through conducting free health talks, operating coding classes, and even helping in marine life conservation. I am inspired by their sacrifices and the impact of their activities.”

Mr Jeremy Ee (Engineering ’05) Chairman of the DOS Organising Committee and Member of the NUS Alumni Advisory Board



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NUS Day of Service 2019 

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