Issue 115 | Oct-Dec 2018

The Write Stuff

Ms Hillary Lee Shu Hsing (Law ‘98, LKYSPP ‘08)

Ms Hillary Lee Shu Hsing (Law ‘98, LKYSPP ‘08) on why she embarked on a five-month CS1010X online coding programme.

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What is the nature of your work currently?

I was an in-house counsel for a number of years, then adminstrator in the arts, and recently went back to the legal field.

Why did you sign up for this programme?

The opportunity to do so came up via LKYSPP, and I was curious about it.

What did you learn from the programme?

I learned a little about computational thinking, how computing logic works, and how to write basic code. The programme is designed for self-learning, so a lot of it was struggling through homework, and figuring out how to apply the concepts to actual coding assignments. In the end, you learn to learn.

How has the programme benefited you?

There is no “direct” benefit, in that, it does not increase my employability nor contribute to upgrading skills required in the workplace. However, the biggest benefit to lifelong learning is that it grounds you (you realise, there are lots of things out there that you don’t know, are not good at, and will never be good at even if you try very hard!), and keeps you open to trying new things.

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