Issue 121 | Apr-Jun 2020

Going The Extra Mile

Klo’e Ng (Design and Environment ‘13), 29, Urban Planner and Entrepreneur, shares how an Entrepreneurial Marketing course gave her start-ups a leg up.

Ms Ng graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Real Estate in 2013 and a Master of Urban Planning in 2015.
“I was looking at the catalogue of offerings from NUS for lifelong learning when I came across the course on Entrepreneurial Marketing.

Having graduated from the School of Design and Environment, I had never taken any class related to entrepreneurship. And at that point (2017), I had co-founded two start-ups. I thought it was an opportune time to go back to school and receive some formal education on the topic, so that I could apply 
the lessons to my businesses. 

The 13-week course was the same as the one offered to NUS Business School students, except it was conducted at night, which was perfect for my work schedule. 

Currently, I’m into my third start-up and some of the lessons, such as market segmentation and strategic planning, turned out to be very useful. I also benefited from group work. All the students who took the course had varying degrees of entrepreneurial aspirations — we shared information about the different businesses we were working on and gave each other valuable feedback.

In this age of technological disruption, it’s not enough to just be good at one thing, but the skill of learning and unlearning things quickly, as well as the ability to learn things across different domains and apply cross-domain knowledge, are important. As a separate bonus, lifelong learning helps to keep the mind active as we age.”

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