NUS Identity


The NUS logo is comprised of the modernised coat of arms and the namestyle. These two components must always be applied together.

The NUS Identity

The NUS logo is available in horizontal and vertical formats.

Horizontal format Vertical format

The NUS namestyle is positioned to the right of the modernised coat of arms in the horizontal format and centred below it in the vertical format.

The NUS logo is comprised of the open book, three rings, the lion, "NUS" and "National University of Singapore". These elements have been chosen for the reasons below:

Element Definition
Open Book
Dates from the crest of the University of Malaya in Singapore. Establishes the University as a portal to a world of knowledge.
Three Rings
Carries over from the crest of Nanyang University. The rings also symbolise the three foci of NUS in creating, imparting and applying knowledge as well as the three hallmarks of a global university - creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The interlocking feature denotes the close interrelation between the three pillars with each reinforcing and evolving from the other.
Aligns NUS with the nation. Personifies the qualities of the ideal NUS graduate. The raised paw denotes boldness to initiate and to inquire as well as a readiness to serve. The tail held high symbolises qualities of integrity and idealism.
NUS Leverages on the nomenclature by which the University is popularly known.