The history and story behind Sheares Hall

Sheares Hall Logo


Gules a lion rampant on, supporting an open book argent, on a scroll azure bearing the name "Sheares", gules underneath the motto "Dare to Reach the Highest".

The open book indicating a learning institution and the lion from the State Arms, adopted by the National University of Singapore for its crest, signify that Sheares Hall is an integral part of the University and the Republic of Singapore.

The motto "Dare to Reach the Highest", preserves links with its predecessor hostel, Dunearn Road Hostels (DRH). The red gules symbolizes power: power with which Shearites strive to dare to reach the highest in every realm - academic, physical, emotional, cultural and social.

Founded in 1952 as the Dunearn Road Hostels, Sheares Hall (SH) has groomed generations of notable leaders and we have an exceptional alumni network that set up the very first hall-based bursary at NUS. At SH, be prepared to immerse yourself in a spectrum of experiences through living together and through cultural, sports, committee, and community activities. Our aim is to facilitate your development – it’s not just what you come in with that’s important to us, but what you leave SH with that we strive hard towards. At SH, we want you to dare to reach the highest in all aspects of your time at NUS.

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We sons of Sheares Hall
We Shearites strive for nothing but the best
For united we stand and together we will be
As we have always been

At the fore (at the fore)
At the fore (at the fore)
And always at the fore!

So forward dear Shearites
With courage and our spirits most sincere
For the greatest of all
And the grandest of them all
Is none other than Sheares Hall

Forever will be best!
Sheares Hall!

Sheares Hall does not have a list of values that we can simply present to you. In a way, it is not inaccurate to say that we are quite fuzzy about the values that we stand for. This is not surprising, because there are so many different values that make for a good family – care and concern, mutual respect and encouragement, open channels of communication, and so on – and to put it succinctly but accurately, Sheares Hall is the family hall of residence at NUS.

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At the end of your university life, I’m pretty sure you won’t really remember about your exams, but rather, you’ll remember the nights you stayed up till sunrise, either doing fun stuff with your friends or just chilling with them.

- Shearite

Psyche, 1990