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Chou Xuan (Block B)

Sheares has given me more than I could ever ask for. It’s the place to hone personal growth - be it time management, leadership skills or the chance to pursue the sport/talent you’ve always wanted to. More importantly, you find family that you’ll keep for life. It’s a one of a kind experience and if I could choose again, I’d still choose Sheares.

- Chou Xuan (Block B)

Cultural Leader (Band)

Saranya (Block E)

SHeares has allowed me to have a multidimensional college experience outside of just my academic pursuit. I have been able to try out so many new sports and even lead a team of committed hardworking individuals to become IHG first runners up in our sport! SHeares might not be the sportiest hall but it was super fulfilling whenever we did well and it's always way more fun that way!!

- Saranya (Block E)

Captain (Soccer)

Hwee Sean (Block D)

If there is one word to describe Sheares it would have to be inclusive. Nothing beats being welcomed into anything new - a new sport, a new performing group, or a new committee. Sheares is really a place that gives everybody a space and opportunity for growth, and beyond it all, a family that will follow you for life. Being in Sheares is nothing you’d expect, yet everything you are looking for.

- Hwee Sean (Block D)

Committee Leader (CMB Chairperson)

Nicole (Block C)

Sheares Hall is one of the best decisions I have made in my university life. It has been the place where I’ve picked up handball and squash - sports that I have grown to love and enjoy. Not forgetting the various opportunities I’ve had to lead committees and plan events and basically just step out of my comfort zone. And a big shout out to the 39th JCRC, where I found like-minded people to work with and it has definitely been a challenging but memorable year with y’all!

- Nicole (Block C)

Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC), Director of Social Functions (DOSF)

Zachary (Block C)

To me, Sheares is the land of opportunities. It has given me various opportunities to take on new roles and try out new sports which I never knew I would enjoy doing so much. It has also given me the opportunity to make friends - friends who go beyond just hall mates, and friends that I will keep forever. Lastly, it has given me the opportunity to find a place where I belong, a place where I can call home.

- Zachary (Block C)

Block Head of Block C & Dean's Lister