Mission Statement

1. To conduct independent reviews of the ethical merits of research projects that involve human subjects or human tissues, proposed by academic NUS staff.

2. To approve all relevant projects, in accordance with the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Bioethics Advisory Committee (BAC) guidelines and the applicable laws and regulations in Singapore that govern or regulate research involving human subjects.

3. To monitor research projects, by way of regular reports, as determined by the NUS-IRB.

4. To submit an annual report, and such other reports, as may be called for by the President of NUS, or any other relevant authority.

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Research studies that do not require ethic clearance from NUS-IRB include:

(i) studies involving only literature review or;
(ii) studies that do not recruit human participants, use human biological materials/human tissue or human data or;
(iii) studies that involve only animals.

For any doubts or queries, please contact NUS-IRB.

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Type of Review (infograph)

IRB - Institutional Review Board
PI - Principal Investigator

Service quality timelines: The IRB Secretariat aims to have a turn-around time of 10 working days for SBER exempted reviews, 30 working days for expedited and full reviews, and 20 working days for protocol amendments.

For any queries, please contact NUS-IRB or DERC