1. About The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program is an international web-based research ethics education program, designed for training in protection of human subjects in research. The CITI Program offers Basic and Refresher courses in Human Subjects Protections, Good Clinical Practice and Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS).  Many universities around the world have adopted the CITI Program as a component of their human subjects research training. Researchers are required to complete the CITI Program before beginning their research.

Who Requires CITI Certification?

Researchers from NUS

As of 1 April 2010, the NUS-IRB has implemented the requirement for CITI certification beginning with all NUS researchers in biological sciences and biomedical research. Please refer to the DPRT Circular on CITI Training for more details. Researchers who submit their biomedical research applications to the IRB for ethics review from 1 April 2010 would also need to submit a copy of their CITI certificate (completion report) together with their IRB applications. The NUS-IRB also strongly encourages social scientists to complete the training program for Social, Behavioural and Educational Research for Human Subjects.

To proceed with your training, please click on this link. NUS researchers should register using their NUS email accounts.

2. IRB001 e-Module: New LumiNUS Training Module for NUS Researchers

This non-academic module is open to all NUS staff and student researchers to self-enrol.This module introduces the NUS Institutional Review Board (NUS-IRB) and research ethics to all NUS researchers who are involved in human participant research.

The e-module broadly covers:
1) The role and functions of NUS-IRB;
2) IRB's review process;
3) Recent modifications to the review processes;
4) Common issues with applications to IRB and relevant NUS policies;
5) IRB's review of Human Biomedical Research (HBR); and
6) IRB's review of Social, Behavioural and Educational Research (SBER).

This e-module takes about 40 minutes to complete and you are encouraged to go through it in one sitting. Please retain a screen shot of the quiz scores and the system-generated email that you will receive after completing the quiz. You may be asked to submit these records along with your IRB applications.

Please refer to the step-by-step guide to enroll in this e-module.

Please click here to enroll - LumiNUS

Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Pulse Secure sign-in is required when accessing the files outside of NUS network.

3. HBR E-Training Conducted by RCIO

This website is compiled primarily for NUS researchers to familiarise themselves with the key regulatory requirements for conducting human biomedical research (HBR). An E-quiz based on the content in the website is also available. This quiz is accessible at the end of this resource.

Link to the Research Compliance and Integrity Office (RCIO)'s website: