Integrated Research Information Management Suite (iRIMS)

The Integrated Research Information Management Suite, iRIMS, is NUS’ central research grant management system. iRIMS automates the end-to-end grant administration process and promotes collaboration and greater efficiency among researchers and administrators.

Interfaced with NUS core systems and external platforms, users can expect ease of access with Single Sign-on and manoeuvrability across different stages of the grant lifecycle.

iRIMS automates the end-to-end grant administration process

  1. iRIMS-InfoReady is the grant call module of the NUS Integrated Research Information Management Suite (iRIMS) system. This central platform hosts announcements on funding opportunities managed by the Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology) (ODPRT), Office of the Provost (PVO), Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL) and Faculties/Schools
  2. iRIMS - Sponsored Projects (iRIMS-SP) is a central platform for communications between and among researchers and administrators. It will eventually replace the existing, manual paper-based processes and allow researchers and grant administrators to access proposal and project records from a central location to facilitate project management and monitoring.
    Some key features:
    • Easy identification and sharing of proposal/project information with research team members.
    • Automation and simplified process of proposal routing for internal review and endorsement/approval.
    • Integration with the NUS Finance system to automate the research project account creation process.
    • Interface with the My Academic Plan (MAP) system to populate grants information to a staff's profile.
    • Interface with NUS Elements to allow linking of publications to awarded projects.
    iRIMS-SP was launched in July 2021 and is currently being piloted with the Faculty of Science. NUS-wide roll-out is targeted for Q4, 2021.
  3. iRIMS-Fund Manager (iRIMS-FM) provides researchers and grant administrators a simple to use dashboard to access and view project financials for ease of budget management and monitoring. It is integrated with NUS' finance system and transactions data is synced daily.

    iRIMS-FM enables Principal Investigators and authorised grant administrators to access financial data of research projects they are responsible for from a single dashboard. It has an easy to navigate dashboard that displays budgets by overall votes which also allows for further drill down to transactions level. Other features of the system include the ability to perform simple cost projections for anticipated hires and expenses.

    iRIMS-FM will be officially launched to NUS users in Q1, 2022. Look out for it!
  4. iRIMS-IRB is an online system that manages all new applications, protocol amendment, renewal, closure of studies and incident reports submitted to and reviewed by NUS IRB. Researchers can monitor all their submissions and studies from a single dashboard, as well as, track protocols that are expiring in 90 days or less.

    From 1 Dec 2020, all submissions (new application, protocol amendment, renewal, closure, incident) to NUS-IRB must be submitted through the iRIMS-IRB.

    Please look through the user guides, training videos and FAQ before you use the online system. These materials are only accessible via NUS network for NUS staff and students.

iRIMS is targeted for completion by end 2021