iRIMS - Fund Manager (FM)


iRIMS-Fund Manager (iRIMS-FM) provides researchers and grant administrators a simple to use dashboard to access and view project financials for ease of budget management and monitoring. It interfaces with NUS' finance system and transaction data is synced daily.

iRIMS-FM enables Principal Investigators and authorised grant administrators to access financial data of research projects they are responsible for from a single dashboard. It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard that displays budgets by overall votes which also allows for further drilling down to transactions level. Other features of the system include the ability to perform simple cost projections for anticipated hires and expenses. 

iRIMS-FM will be launch on Jan 2022. Look out for it!

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    17 Aug 2020

    iRIMS-FM Video Training Guide 1 - Navigation

    17 Aug 2020

    iRIMS-FM Video Training Guide 2 - Filter & Report

    17 Aug 2020

    iRIMS-FM Video Training Guide 3 - Projections