University Counselling Services

Conselling provides a safe and private space to talk with someone about your goals and concerns.

Counsellors will help you clarify your goals, and explore options to achieve them. As skilled listeners, the counselling relationship provides clients an objective perspective when dealing with a concern.

At the University Counselling Services (UCS), our counsellors offer students short term individual counselling. During your first session, you and your counsellor will determine your needs and collectively decide a treatment plan to work towards.

The number of counselling sessions required varies. Sometimes, concerns are managed within a session or two while others may require further appointments. If long term or specialised care is required, your counsellor will assist you with the appropriate referrals.

Our Services

Our services and programmes are designed to not only assist you in addressing your immediate concerns, but to also acquire life skills necessary for individual success and growth.

Counselling services and programmes are free for our students.


Short-term counselling for individuals and couples are provided at UCS.

You can approach UCS with any personal goals or concerns. For example, students see counsellors to perform better in exams, better manage anxiety and low mood, improve relationships with family or friends, and develop higher self-esteem.

Group Work

At UCS, we organise group work to help you develop life skills and to grow personally and professionally. Sharing with and hearing from others in a group may also provide you support and reassurance during your time of need.

Crisis Intervention

Students facing psychological emergencies can walk in during office hours for a same day appointment.

UCS also provides a 24-hour hotline if you are facing life-threatening psychological emergencies. This hotline is managed by counsellors and is available by dialling 6516 7777.

Care Network

(Caring Action in Responsibility to an Emergency)

This is a university-wide programme where CARE members in all offices provide practical support to colleagues and students when an emergency happens. UCS provides training for staff through our monthly workshops, Supporting individuals in Difficult Times.

Talks & Workshops

Our staff are trained to provide a select range of talks and workshops for you. Topics include adjusting to university life, supporting students in difficult times and stress management. Talks and workshops requre a minimum number of participants.

For further information about our programmes, staff and students can email or call UCS.

Learn more about University Counselling Services Here.

Contributed By: Health Promotion Board (HPB)
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