What We Can Do To Address Stigma

For Individuals

Words Matter
Using factual, non-stigmatising words can encourage people who suspect that they may have a mental condition to seek professional help or affirm persons in recovery from mental health conditions in their recovery journey. We can do our part to regard every person with mental health condition with respect and dignity through our words and actions.


Supporting a Person with Mental Health Condition
Being there for someone with a mental health condition doesn’t have to be frightening or awkward. Here are 8 tips to consider:

  1. Be present
  2. Establish trust
  3. Listen attentively and without judgement
  4. Do not be dismissive of the person’s sharing or actions. Allow the person time and space to explain how they are feeling and what he/she is going through
  5. Don’t be quick to offer solutions. Instead offer care and support
  6. Read up about different mental health conditions to better understand what the person is going through
  7. Encourage the person to seek help. Try saying “I appreciate you sharing the struggles you are going through. I was wondering if you have considered seeking help from a counsellor or a doctor.”
  8. Give persons with mental health conditions the same level of respect and dignity you would to anyone else

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