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From left: Mabel (OE Transformation Unit), Naomi (Office of the President), and Adriel (Faculty of Engineering)

Cultivating young talents

As part of the University’s journey to drive continuous improvement, the NUS Associate Management Programme (AMP) was launched in 2018. An 18-month rotational programme, AMP recruits and develops young graduates with less than two years of professional experience. During the programme, the Management Associates (MAs) are rotated to various departments across the University to work on key projects that improve processes and boost innovation.

Mabel Lee, an MA attached to the NUS Business School Graduate Studies Office shared that she was part of a team that digitised the department’s interview and evaluation processes using Microsoft Forms and Power Automate. “Although it was a steep learning curve, the attachment was highly rewarding and we had autonomy to drive change and gain hands-on experience,” said Mabel, who is currently with the Organisational Excellence Transformation Unit (OETU).

In addition to digital transformation projects, MAs are involved in OE efforts such as streamlining policies and implementing strategic initiatives. Recent AMP graduate Naomi Lee Hashimoto, was involved in the University’s Consultation Work Scheme review and observed that close collaboration with stakeholders was key in understanding their needs. “Our partnership with the Office of Human Resources (OHR) enabled us to successfully streamline the work scheme and standardise the levy rates for all internal consultation work,” said Naomi, who was also part of the mental wellbeing task force that provided recommendations on staff welfare and mental health needs. The experience inspired her to join Office of the President’s Health & Wellbeing team after completing AMP.

During their rotations to various departments across the University, MAs receive mentoring from experienced leaders that deepen their understanding of institutional management. Adriel Chang, Assistant Manager at Faculty of Engineering (FOE) shared that his attachment with OETU equipped him with valuable skills which accelerated his professional growth. Currently involved in enhancing the efficiency of the FOE Board of Examiners meeting, Adriel noted that his OETU experience complemented his current role. “I consistently look out for improvement opportunities while applying the OE mindset of being inquisitive and reflective in my day-to-day work,” Adriel said.

Dr Shaun Ho, Director of OETU, commended the young recruits for their level of professionalism. “We are fortunate to work with the MAs. They bring energy and a fresh perspective to things, while we work towards transforming the administration of the University,” shared Shaun. OETU has hosted three batches of MAs since 2018.

Catherine Ng, Senior Associate Director at OHR who heads the Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development teams, noted that the AMP’s objectives are intrinsically connected to the University’s journey towards a best-in-class administration. “Key OE attributes such as excellence, agility and adaptability form a significant part of the AMP’s vision,” she remarked and added that the programme plays a key role in attracting young talents to the University.

Organisational Excellence is a strategic initiative undertaken by the University to develop best practices for an efficient and world-class administration to better support NUS’ Vision and Mission. It aims to bring about improved work processes and policies as well as create opportunities for talent development and growth.


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