Rayner (left) and Mark led the policy change in physical asset verification
Director of Administration
FASS Dean’s Office
Office of Finance

OE heroes: Driving change through collaboration

The positive effect of Organisational Excellence (OE) on work culture was highlighted through a recent policy change to verify physical assets over three years instead of annually. The change, proposed by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) in partnership with the Office of Finance (OFN), was reviewed and successfully implemented within one month.

Staff feedback on the onerous nature of the existing policy which saw asset verification tasks being carried out over peak periods inspired Mark Teng, Director of Administration from FASS Dean’s Office, to question and challenge the current process. “The culture is changing and colleagues are more open to improving the ways of working. The new policy is projected to reduce workload by two-thirds across the University, allowing staff greater flexibility in work planning,” he said.

Mark approached OFN with his suggestion, and was heartened to receive support from colleagues in the central function. Their willingness to collaborate and explore solutions to drive the change made it possible to turn the whole project around quickly.

When OFN received Mark’s suggestion to consider verifying assets over three years, the OFN team reached out to various Faculties and Schools to gather feedback on this proposal. They learnt that due to varying peak periods, it would be more effective to give departments the flexibility to decide when the verification process should start. 

Rayner Lim, Manager from OFN shared that this adjustment serves as a good reminder of teamwork and communication being the cornerstone in transformation, which is key for an organisation to achieve its goals.

Mark emphasised that a phrase from an OE circular, “not settling for the way things have always been done” particularly resonated with him during this process, and he expressed hope to see more of such changes across the University.

The OE Fixed Asset team (from left to right): Brennan Tay, Assistant Manager (OFN); Ong Ai Chen, Senior Executive (NUS Medicine); Tan Siew Fong, Management Assistant Officer (OFN); Sabrina Ameer, Senior Manager (NUS Medicine); Rayner Lim, Manager (OFN)

OE is a strategic initiative undertaken by the University to develop best practices for an efficient and world-class administration to better support NUS’ Vision and Mission. It aims to bring about improved work processes and policies as well as create opportunities for talent development and growth.


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