wellNUS Festival 2021

Tuesday, November 02, 2021
1. wellNUS Festival 2021

Held inaugurally as an NUS-wide event, the wellNUS Festival 2021 was organised by University Health Centre and Office of Student Affairs for staff and students respectively, in partnership with the Health and Wellbeing Office, and the Office of Human Resources.

Recognising the importance of staff and students’ health and wellbeing, the wellNUS Festival aims to celebrate wellness through curated activities that highlight the 7 PitStop Principles, which are effective for self-care and stress management.
2. PITSTOP Principles

From 4 to 10 October, NUS staff were invited to participate in the virtual festival which featured engaging hands-on workshops and informative talks, along with photo contests and Instagram quizzes. We believe the offices in NUS were abuzz with excitement!

On 4 October, the wellNUS Festival kicked off with a terrarium making workshop, which was graced by Mr Clarence Ti, Deputy President of Administration, who shared with staff and student participants on NUS' health and wellbeing initiatives, as well as the roles we can play as a part of the NUS community, to inspire wellness and ultimately build towards a resilient and caring NUS.

During the terrarium making workshop, participants got creative in building their very own unique closed jar terrarium. Family members of our staff and students also took #TimeOut and joined in to help build the terrarium together, which was heart-warming to see! All in all, it was a fun session and participants walked away with useful knowledge on terrarium making and of course, a beautiful terrarium.

3. Terrarium workshops
 Participants showcased their beautiful creations during the terrarium making workshop
3b. Terrarium workshop
 Creations by Mr Clarence Ti and various organising parties, some of whom were joined by their family members.

Held on 6 and 7 October, the informative sessions organised focused on topics of “Managing Stress Positively” and “Sleep Right, Live Bright”. Participants gained enriching insights on stress management coping strategies, as well as tips for achieving better sleep, respectively.

4. Stress mgt, Sleep Workshop
The informative sessions covered tips on stress management and achieving better sleep. #PersonalSkills #Sleep

On 8 October, participants were treated to an interesting hands-on healthy bubble tea making workshop, where they learnt how to make fresh popping fruit pearls and healthy bubble tea using natural ingredients. Participants also learnt the skill of colour layering to create Instagram-worthy drinks such as the Unicorn Bubble Tea!

5. Healthy BBT Workshop Participants learnt how to create layered healthy bubble tea and fresh fruit popping pearls during the workshop. #ThoughtfulEating

The series of talks and workshops concluded with a virtual workout on 9 October, where participants got active and #OnTheMove through a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout! There was also a modifier HIIT workout option provided for participants during the session, for those who were new to HIIT or if they found the standard workout to be a challenge. Participants walked away with a sporting equipment*, in hope to encourage them to keep up an active lifestyle.

 6. HIIT Workout
Participants got active with a HIIT routine during the virtual workout session.

Through the wellNUS Festival, staff were encouraged to have #Interactions with their family and loved ones as a form of stress management and self-care. Through the organised photo contest, participants sent in precious moments captured during their family outings and bonding sessions. 

7. Submission by Rachel Seah Wan Xin
Submission by Rachel Seah Wan Xin: “Dinner with my family has always been a daily affair since my grandfather always prepares us warm home-cooked food every night. Captured here is a three generation CNY celebration where each of our hands complete the circle of life and the progression of ages.” – A beautifully written piece!

Giving is a powerful form of self-care too. It provides us a sense of #Purpose and fulfilment when we show our care to those around us. Through our “Show Your Care Through Gifting” email contest, many staff members came forward to nominate their colleagues for their kindness shown, a job well done, and many more other heartening stories, for which entries would be selected at random to receive a care package from us. This was especially timely in the current socially distanced workplaces.

The wellNUS Festival culminated in a grand lucky draw* held on 11 October, which saw lucky winners walking away with prizes such as the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Logitech Wireless Keyboard, and more!

In conjunction with the wellNUS Festival, the Office of Human Resources also organised several informative sessions with Workplace Options (WPO), which focused on topics such as building psychological immunity, mindfulness and meditation, and how we can eat our way to wellness. They also held an on-demand webinar on 10 October, World Mental Health Day.

 8. WPO Talks

On the wellNUS Festival, Ms Fiona How, Associate Director of UHC Wellness Outreach, said: “Fortunate to be part of an exceptional union of Departments coming together with the same appetite to bring about wellbeing awareness to the university community. We look forward to future collaborative efforts where we can continue to contribute to building a community that cares and prioritises health and wellbeing!”

We hope all participants enjoyed the wellNUS Festival 2021, and to keep in mind the importance of cultivating the art of self-care. This empowers themselves and, through a ripple effect, others around them to be advocates and partners of wellbeing – the key to a building a healthy and safe NUS.

For more information on the wellNUS Festival 2021, you may visit the following links for staff and students.

*Due to the current workplace restrictions, prize winners will be advised on the collection of prizes when on-campus work arrangements resume.

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