Global Partners

Through strategic collaborations with our global partners and active participation in global networks, NUS is able to offer diverse and enriching global education, research and entrepreneurial programmes. Students have the opportunity to gain valuable cross-cultural experience and develop a strong appreciation of global issues alongside perspectives from Asia. Faculty are well-connected with other globally-oriented colleagues around the world, collaborating in educational and research activities that cannot be achieved with the same effects in one location.

NUS is a member of eight global university networks that leverage on member universities' diverse and distinctive strengths for excellence in education and research. Its contributions in some of these networks are:

  • NUS sits on the Board of Trustees for the ASEAN University Network
  • NUS is a founding member of Universitas 21 and the Asian Universities Alliance
  • NUS President was Chair of IARU from 2009 to 2012

NUS will continue its active participation in these global networks and develop impactful programmes to establish its leadership role in education and research in Asia.