Outgoing Students

NASA Exchange Scholarship

NASA Exchange Scholarships are available on a competitive basis to undergraduate students who are going overseas to participate in Student Exchange Programme (SEP).


These scholarships are valued up to the quantum as shown below, regardless of exchange location.

  • S$2,500 for Singapore Citizens
  • S$2,000 for Singapore Permanent Resident
  • S$1,250 for International Students

The NASA awards help to offset part of the cost incurred for the overseas programme and may not be sufficient to cover the entire cost. Student must consider the location and cost before choosing any overseas programme.


Eligibility Criteria

  • NUS full-time undergraduate students (excluding students from Yale-NUS College) who are selected to go overseas for exchange in one of NUS’ partner universities
  • Granted based on academic merit
  • The number of awards and cut off marks varies every year, subject to the availability of fund.

Terms & Conditions

  • Students may receive at most ONE (1) NASA Exchange award during their undergraduate study in NUS.
  • This award must not be concurrently held with any other awards which do not allow award recipients to hold concurrent awards meant for overseas programme or the total sum of all concurrent awards meant for overseas programme has exceeded what is needed for the overseas programme.
  • NUS has the right to recall the award fully or partially if the overseas programme has been cancelled/suspended, and/or you did not complete the overseas programme at the host university or fulfil the award obligations.
  • NUS may in its sole discretion, vary and/or amend the terms, conditions and contents of this award application at any time, with due notice of such revisions being given to the applicants. 
  • All award recipients are to follow-up on things that they need to do upon their return from their overseas programme as indicated on the Returning Student Checklist.

Application Timeline, Procedure and Outcome


You must have an existing programme offer and accepted the programme offer via myEduRec by the stipulated deadline given by the Programme Administrator.


Submit your NASA Exchange application via myEduRec before the application closing date. Please refer to user guide * for the step by step instruction.

* To access the user guide, if you are accessing the link outside of the campus, you must connect to NUS vpn first.

Application outcome and acceptance of offer

  1. You will be notified via email on your NASA Exchange Scholarship application outcome. Please check that you have met all the eligibility criteria before accepting the NASA Exchange Scholarship offer via myEduRec.
  2. Update your "Receiving Bank Account (Credit Bank Account)" via myEduRec immediately after your acceptance of the NASA Exchange Scholarship.


For Sem 1, Sem 2 & Full Year Exchange
Application period

1 May - 30 Nov 2023 (SEP in AY2023/2024)

Application outcome & acceptance of offer

15 Feb - 28 Feb 2024

Scholarship disbursement

By 31 Mar 2024 


For queries on NASA Exchange Scholarship, please contact us via nasa@nus.edu.sg.