MENDAKI-NUS Overseas Programme Fund

This fund was set up with the support of Yayasan MENDAKI and administered by the NUS Global Relations Office (GRO), with the objective of supporting financially needy Malay students to go on the Student Exchange Programme with our partner universities.


The awards are valued at S$3,000 each regardless of exchange location

The awards help to offset part of the cost incurred for the overseas programme and may not be sufficient to cover the entire cost. Student must consider the location and cost before choosing any overseas programme.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to Singaporeans
  • Belong to the Malay race as indicated in the identification card; double-barrelled race students (e.g. Malay-Chinese, Malay-Indian etc.) will also be eligible.
  • Students with per capita gross monthly household income (PCI) of S$1,900 and below for the academic year of the overseas programme, will be considered. Please refer to the information under application process.
  • Per capita gross monthly household income refers to the total gross monthly income of all those living in the household divided by the number of people in the household.
  • For NUS students selected to go on exchange in one of NUS’ partner universities
  • Applicants must submit an application. Applicants will be selected on a needs-basis. Where there is competition, preference may be given to students of higher academic standing.

Terms & Conditions

  • This award must not be concurrently held with another exchange award
  • Recipients are expected to complete one community service project assigned by Yayasan MENDAKI. The project would be carried out in teams and would focus on creating activities (e.g. workshop, learning journeys, etc.) for children/youths. More details will be provided by Yayasan MENDAKI. The community service project would entail the following: i) Conceptualisation of idea; ii) Planning of project; iii) Execution of Project; and iv) Post-project report (2 pages).
  • Award recipients are expected to assist in the promotion of SEP by participating in events organised by the Global Relations Office, networking sessions and sharing of SEP experiences at various platforms
  • All award recipients are encouraged to attend the SEP Ambassador Programme and are expected to be NUS ambassadors. Recipients must complete the Returnee Survey, and submit a SEP report

Application Period

Application period: 1 April 2023 till 15 May 2023 for SEP in AY2023/24

Application Procedure

Students with per capita gross monthly household income (PCI) of S$1,900 and below for the academic year of the overseas programme, will be considered.

Ensure that you have applied for financial aid with the Office of Financial Aid here before applying for this award.

Apply for this award via the myEduRec under Global Education. You will need to upload i) a statement on the reasons for going on SEP; ii) a copy of your NRIC; iii) an updated resume; and iv) a copy of the latest unofficial transcript.


The results for the awards will be available some time in June 2023.


The award will be disbursed at the beginning of each semester (August for Semester 1 and January for Semester 2).


For further queries on the award, please click here