Prof Subbu Venkatraman


Subbu Venkatraman
Director, ILO NUS; Adj Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

What are your present research interests?

Nanotherapeutics, including protein and gene delivery.

Do you have a distinctive viewpoint to your research?

Enhance efficacy of bioactive compounds.

What do you see as your future research directions?

Develop single-shot vaccines that can be stored at refrigeration temperatures; growth factor delivery in tissue-engineered implants; mRNA therapeutics.

Does your laboratory have a particularly strong research expertise?

Nanocarriers with sustained efficacy of action.

Recent Publications

1. Riau A, Venkatraman S, Mehta JS: Biomimetic vs Direct approach to deposit hydroxyapatite on the surface of low melting point polymers for tissue engineering, Nanomaterials, 10(11), 2162 2020:

2. Wang JK, Cheam N, Irvine SA, Tan NS, Venkatraman S, Tay CY: Inter-penetrating network of alginate human adipose extra-cellular matrix hydrogel for islet cell encapsulation, Macromol Rapid Comm, 2020

3. Darwitan A, Tan YF, Wang YS, Nedumaran AM, Czarny B, Venkatraman S, Targeting efficiency of nanoliposomes on atherosclerotic foam cells: polyethylene glycol to ligand ratios, Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 2020, 17(8), pp. 1165–1176

4. Nirmal J, Barati VA, Dickeshied A, Wong YS, Nirmal S, Raja MM, Venkatraman S, Agarwal RA: Potential of sub-conjuctival aflibercept in treating choroidal neovascularization, Experimental Eye Research, 2020,

5. Lim SWZ, Wong YS, Czarny B, Venkatraman S, Microfluidic-directed assembly of liposomes: Role of inter-digitation, J Colloid and Interface Science, 578, pp.47-53, 2020.

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7. Ang HY, Chiong GM, Chaw SY, Phua JL, Ng JCK, Wong PEH, Venkatraman SS, Chong TT, Huang YY, Adventitial injection delivery of nano-encapsulated sirolimus (Nanolimus) to injury-induced porcine femoral vessels to reduce luminal restenosis, J Controlled Rel, 319, pp 15-24, 2020.

8. Behr JM, Irvine SA, Thwin CS, Shah AH, Bae M-CK, Zussman E, Venkatraman SS, Matching Static and Dynamic Compliance of Small-Diameter Arteries, with Poly(lactide-co-caprolactone) Copolymers: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies, Macromolecular Bioscince, article 1900234 (in press), 2020.

9. Riau AK, Aung TT, Setiawan M, Yang L, Yam GHF, Bauerman RW, Venkatraman SS, Mehta JS, Surface immobilization of nano-silver on polymeric medical devices to prevent bacterial biofilm formation, Pathogens, 8(3), doi:10.3390/pathogens8030093,. 2019.

10. Cao Y, Venkatraman S, The long-term delivery of proteins and peptides using micro/nanoparticles: Overview and Perspectives, Therapeutic Delivery, 10, pp 269-272, 2020.