Eusoff-Ngee Ann Kongsi Student Financial Assistance Fund (ENAKF)

Purpose of Award

The purpose of establishing the Eusoff – Ngee Ann Kongsi Student Assistance Fund is to provide short-term financial aid to students faced with unforeseen personal or family emergencies. This fund will hopefully provide a bridge to ease their worries and help them through difficult times.

Eligibility Requirements

i.        ENAKF funding is available to all registered students of the National University of Singapore who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents irrespective of whether they are EH residents;
ii.       Students must have made satisfactory progress in their academic programs;
iii.      Students must not have received prior funding from the Eusoff-Ngee Ann Kongsi Student Assistance Fund.

Nature of Award

Applicants who meet the above criteria will be evaluated for one of the following schemes available, which can involve:
i.        Tuition Fee Bursaries: The maximum quantum of each award would be $2,000.
ii.       Emergency Aid Package: This Aid package is to help students who face unexpected and sudden financial crisis and require urgent help. Students can only apply for this once in their entire course duration. The actual amount of aid will be determined by the selection committee appointed to assess the student’s financial need but up to a maximum quantum of $1,200 each. The disbursement will take place two weeks after the committee’s approval.

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