On a wreath argent and gules, issuing from a tower, a sea eagle, displayed sable and argent.


Argent a langued lion rampant or and a chief azure, a snake gule entwined around staff on open book argent with letters K. E. gule underneath the motto “To strive, to seek, to serve” sable in or.

The Crest has a tower from the former arms of Singapore. The wreath traditionally surrounds the gentleman’s helmet. The white bellied sea eagle, Haliaeetus Leucogaster (Burong Lang or Lang Laut), is the largest bird in Singapore waters, inhabiting a large region from Burma to Australia – indicating the strategic situation of our sea port in the Southeast Asian region. The sea eagle is seen frequently in the harbor and is known to rest in large nests in Sepoy Lines. It preys on sea-snakes amongst other items of food and thus is considered one of Nature’s aid to man, who could easily die from the sea-snake’s poisonous bite. The mature sea eagle has a white under plumage and dark grey wings with black quills. The upper third of the wedge-shaped tail is black.

The King Edward VII (KEVII) Hall arms was derived from the arms of the University of Singapore, with the open book against a background azure (blue) in a chief (horizontal band across the top of a shield) above a Lion or (gold) against background argent (white). The “white-label” is a sign of the Royal Family, aptly so in the case of KEVII Hall. The new KEVII Hall arms has a langued (tongue protruding) lion rampant (standing on hind foot). The open book is displayed with the Askelepions staff and entwining snake gules (red), which was the arms of KEVII College of Medicine. The open book signifies a search for knowledge consonant with the aim of the University. The rod and entwined snake reminds us of our medical heritage and Hippocratic tradition. The lion has the flowing stylized mane of the Singapore Merlion, claws sable (black) in attack, and protruded tongue gules displaying ferocity. The stance represents resolute preparedness for action contrasted against white background signifying peace. Such a posture is also characteristic of the young island of Singapore.

To Strive. To Seek. To Serve.

The motto “To strive, To seek, To serve” embodies the philosophy of KEVII Hall.

TO STRIVE: To attempt great things “for God and country” has been the battle cry of soldiers and the catalyst that drove sailors like Columbus and Magellan to seek new worlds. Striving for excellence in purposeful achievement is not learnt overnight. It requires discipline, grit and a measure of toughness. The experience of exerting oneself against stiff odds in field and forum is worthwhile even if the limits of endurance are stretched to the extent of numbness. It cannot but breed the qualities of patience, endurance and courage.

TO SEEK: The true university spirit encourages the students to develop an “insatiable curiosity”. In this age of science and technology, every student and graduate has a duty to contribute to the store of knowledge he receives from past generations. In the Hall, the intermingling of the Fellows and students of the varied discipline should give opportunities for dialogue, discussion and debate on the quest of the ‘Why’ and ‘How’.

TO SERVE: A developing nation needs a core of national builders, dedicated and skilled with a capacity for hard work. Whether the service is scientific research, general practice or the civil service, should not matter; it is the quality of service that counts. Ample opportunities exist in the Hall to develop the sense of community service and individual obligation. “To serve and not to be served” is a challenge calling for utter dedication and selfless service. The response cannot come from without but from within the person.

Hall Songs

The hall anthem, a four-part medley of the following hall songs, is performed in key events and is passed on to freshmen during their orientation activities.

Good Old KE Hall

Good old KE Hall, Good old KE Hall
KE is the finest hall, the greatest of them all

We’ll fight for better standards, we’ll do better than our best
We’ll prove to you that once again, that KE is the best, hoi!

The KEVIIan’s Way

Many men have come from KE
Many men have passed this way
Many men have searched for glory
As they walk the KEVIIan’s Way

The KEVIIan’s Way, The KEVIIan’s Way
This will be the KEVIIan’s Way
To strive and seek and serve each day
We will stand by what we say

Many men have come from KE, many men have passed this way
Many men have searched for glory, as they walk the KEVIIan’s Way

We Come From The Greatest Hall

We… come from the greatest Hall
We come from KE Hall
We come here as members of a great, great Hall
We strive on to glory, we fight on to victory
We play on with spirits never seen before

Up with KE Hall! Down with other Halls!
KEVIIans fight for the cause they know is right
Up, up, KE Hall! Up, up, KE Hall!
Up, up, KE Hall!

We Are KEVIIans All The Way

We are KEVIIans all the way, hey lah, hey lah
We are KEVIIans all the way, lah lah lah lah lah
We come from the greatest hall, we come from KE Hall
KE is the finest hall, the greatest of them all, hoi!

We Are Men Of Varsity’s Best

We are men of varsity’s best
We are men of great conquest
Men who mean just what they say
We are here to win the day

a little bird named MyKE

Widely regarded as the parents of MyKE, Jia Jin and Xian Yun played pivotal roles in bringing MyKE to life. Part of their efforts included organizing a contest for KEVIIans to come up with the most suitable name for the eagle-inspired KEVII mascot.

Both Jia Jin and Xian Yun went on the become the CCA leaders of KE’s Hall Publicity Board, and have continued to involve MyKE in many of KE’s events.

MyKE’s first public appearance was at Open Day 2014, much to the excitement of both KEVIIans and the public alike. Decked in the 2014 Open Day Shirt, the adorable white-feathered mascot drew crowds as it waddled along the various booths, garnering just the much attention for our Hall.