Hall Bursary


Professor Lee Hin Peng of the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, served as Master of King Edward VII Hall from 1996 to 2005. He was well-loved for his leadership, his deep interest in students and his care and concern for them. Many student residents who have since left KEVII Hall after graduating from NUS continue to have high regard and respect for Prof Lee.

One of Prof Lee’s initiatives was the setting up of a bursary, the King Edward VII Hall Bursary Award (“the Award”) with the objective of providing deserving students who have limited financial resources a monetary award to assist them with their accommodation fees at KEVII. This is to enable them to benefit from a hostel life that promotes all-round student development in addition to academic achievements.

Application and Selection Procedure

Applicants will be selected on a deserving basis and the factors taken into consideration for the Award include:

  1. Financial status of applicant/parents/siblings (household income, other mitigating factors),
  2. Scholastic achievements of applicant,
  3. Contribution of applicant to KEVII Hall, University and Community activities,
  4. Other concurrent awards such as scholarships, grants or bursaries, and
  5. Any other attributes of applicant that may provide an assessment of his/her character and potential for leadership in, or contribution to, the NUS community.

High weightage will be given to item (a).

Closing Date of Application

Residents are invited to apply for the Award. Please submit the completed form together with copies of supporting documents to the Hall Office at the stipulated deadline. Check your email frequently to ensure you are made aware of the deadline.

Other Financial Aid Schemes

Residents are encouraged to explore the Financial Assistance Schemes made available for them by the Office of Financial Aid. More details are available at their website.


The Hall Bursary Award has allowed me more time to pursue my goals and to strive for excellence in my studies, as well as in my CCAs. When I graduate, Iā€™d like to pass on this kindness to KEVIIANs who are less financially advantaged.

- Van

Year 4 KEVIIAN, Science, Hall Bursary Recipient