Degree Verification

    Degrees Conferred or Graduate Diplomas Awarded from 31 March 2006 onwards

    Students who have completed all programme requirements and have been conferred/ awarded their degrees/graduate diplomas from 31 March 2006 onwards, specifically for those were admitted from 2005 (first degree holders) and 2004 (higher degree holders), have been issued with e-degree scrolls and e-transcripts (in the form of an OpenCerts* data file), a copy of which is also deposited into the Skills Passport of their MySkillsFuture account.

    *Note: OpenCerts is a blockchain-based platform that enables the issuance and verification of certificates and transcripts that are tamper-proof.

    To verify the authenticity of the OpenCerts data file, just drag and drop it into the viewer on the OpenCerts website or the Verify NUS OpenCerts webpage. If the file can be successfully opened in the viewer on the website (which will be transformed into readable degree scroll and transcript), with no error message being displayed, then the file is verified as authentic

    You may refer to the FAQs for more information.

    Degrees Conferred or Graduate Diplomas Awarded before 31 March 2006

    To verify the academic qualifications conferred/awarded by the University of students who were not issued with e-degree scrolls and e-transcripts, you can make use of the Online Degree Verification Portal.

    Notes on using this portal:
    • Data available
    •   Bachelor degrees   From Class of 1990 
       Master/Doctoral degrees   From Class of 1984 
       Graduate Diplomas   From Class of 1984 
    • Only the degree and/or graduate diploma titles conferred or awarded, and the conferment/award date will be reflected.

    Please have the following ready for the online search:
    • Student’s Full Name, and
    • Date of Birth (in DD-MM-YYYY format)

    A search may not be successful due to numerous reasons, such as:
    - student may have the same name and date of birth with another student; or
    - there is an error in name or date of birth; or
    - the student has not been conferred by the University.

    If a search result is not available, you will be prompted to complete an Online Verification Request Form for a manual search to be made.  For further queries, you may send an email to

    If you need a detailed official academic transcript, this can be obtained from the graduate (please refer to the Transcripts webpage).

    Verification of Current Students

    If you need to verify that a candidate is currently registered as an NUS student, please request a Student Status Letter from the student. Please note that these letters are computer-generated and do not bear a signature.