COVID-19 Information for Exchange Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fully vaccinated to do exchange at NUS?

Yes, from 1 November 2021, all Student's Pass holders must be fully vaccinated before arrival in Singapore. More information regarding these requirements are found here: 

What is the definition of “fully vaccinated”?

Travellers are considered fully vaccinated if they meet the following conditions at least 2 weeks before arrival in Singapore:

  • Received the full regimen of WHO EUL Vaccines, from specified manufacturers, and
  • Met the minimum dose interval period.

Do keep abreast with the most updated information here:

What if I contract COVID-19 in Singapore?

Home recovery is expected for fully vaccinated individuals who are aged 12 to 69 and have no or mild symptoms, and no underlying health conditions. Please refer to the latest advisory by the Singapore Ministry of Health: 

Will the cost of COVID-19 treatment be covered in Singapore?

Exchange students in NUS are covered by the NUS Student Insurance. This covers some COVID-19 costs. However, it is strongly encouraged that exchange students purchase additional insurance package(s) which include COVID-19 coverage to ensure adequate coverage for the duration of their exchange semester(s). Exchange students should also check with their home university to see what health or travel insurance is included in their home university’s policy.

What are the safety measures NUS has in place for its students?

Please refer here:

NUS also continues to provide updates on this front through its circulars here:

What are the current safety measures in Singapore?