Outgoing Students

India Experience Award (IEA)

As part of NUS’ continuous efforts to encourage undergraduates to have an international experience in India, funding is available for full-time undergraduate students (not including non-graduating students) who are participating in summer programmes listed on the GRO website (excluding research attachments) in India.


The IEA funding is valued according to which programme students participate in. The award is meant to help students offset part of the cost incurred for the overseas programme and may not be sufficient to cover the entire cost. Student must consider the location and cost before choosing any overseas programme.

For financially-challenged students, in addition to the IEA funding, they will be provided with a top-up bursary according to their PCI record with the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). If a student qualifies for the top-up bursary, it will be processed along with his/her IEA application and a separate application is not required. He/she would not be eligible to apply for other support in NUS such as the NASA Enhancement Bursary.

Eligibility Criteria

Full-time NUS undergraduates* who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the funding:

  • Acceptance (or at least in-principle acceptance) into the overseas programme prior to applying for this funding; programme should have a minimum duration of 10 days
  • Successful application of overseas programme in EduRec
  • Non-nationals of the country wherein the overseas programme is hosted
  • Recipients of scholarships/awards that do not allow concurrent holding of awards are not eligible to apply / receive IEA funding

* Yale-NUS College (YNC) students are not eligible for IEA funding and are advised to approach YNC for support.

Terms & Conditions

Students may apply for more than one IEA funding but can receive at most ONE (1) IEA funding award during their undergraduate study in NUS. Priority of the IEA will be given to students who are going to India for the first time. As such, students need to indicate if this would be their first NUS overseas programme to India in the application.

  • Awardees who are unable to go on the overseas programme, must write to GRO at global@nus.edu.sg and provide reasons of their withdrawal from the programmes. GRO reserves the right to withdraw the award in such cases and may impose an administrative fee.
  • The award does not carry a bond. However, all awardees are expected to be NUS ambassadors.

Application Period

Please submit your application via EduRec by 10 June.

Application Procedure

Please submit your application via EduRec (under "Global Education - Financial Aid") after you have accepted the offer of the short-term programme. You must declare if you are receiving financial aid from other funding sources for the same overseas programme. For scholarship holders, you are required to check/appeal for concurrent holding of awards with your scholarship provider.


Applicants will be notified of their application via their NUS email addresses by end-June.


Disbursement of the award will be by 30 August.


For further queries, please email global@nus.edu.sg