KEVIIAN Jothi represents NUS at the 7th ASEAN Student Leaders Forum (ASLF) and the 3rd AUN Student Affairs Network Meeting (AUN SAN)

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In February 2019, I was given an opportunity to represent NUS in the 7th ASEAN Student Leaders Forum held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The forum, aimed at discussing initiatives and projects to help fellow students transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution, was a gathering of student leaders from different universities around ASEAN.

The forum served as an effective and conducive environment for us student leaders to exchange our best practices and ideas with each other and it also provided me with fresh perspectives on many issues. Such unique viewpoints were invaluable to me as it was shaped by individuals who came from different cultural backgrounds and faced different challenges while growing up.

This unforgettable experience was only possible because KEVII Hall provided me with the necessary platform to compete and earn my spot as 1 of 3 delegates from NUS. In a world with an ever increasing focus on academics, my Hall has also served as the perfect complement in my pursuit of holistic excellence and also enabled me to write the best chapters of my university life.


Jothi Pillay
Head, Block 'F'