A Tribute to our Healthcare Heroes

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The fight is still on! Our KEVIIAN alumni Ming Xuan, who is currently working in the frontline, has this to say to spur her fellow KEVIIANs on:
"To all KE alumni in the Healthcare sector, these are trying times but keep fighting on! Don't forget to take care of yourselves as well. #7stepshandhygiene"

This is a tribute to all the Healthcare workers currently working tirelessly through the Covid-19 pandemic.

You enable us to have the chance to live in normalcy, and to feel safe at home with our family and friends, because we have heroes like you in the frontline, risking your lives every day.

For now we KEVIIANs will do our part – practising our personal responsibility in this historic Circuit Breaker period (and any extension of it) – but we will keep you in our hearts every day. We are with you.

Video by: KE Motion
Footage was recorded before the social distancing measures were implemented.


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